The giver of the best advice will get 10,000 Drachmas!

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Andrew Adamson
7 July, 2017, 11:49 AM UTC

How do you recruit the best Coalition Members in Sparta?

The giver of the best advice will get 10,000 Drachmas! ✍️✍️✍️ However, anyone with a great idea has the chance to be interviewed for!

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8 July, 2017, 7:13 AM UTC

1. Need to be in a good coalition first where fairness is ensured

2. Then look for fair guys with strength

3. Can be start from neighborhood, people who play active, communicate and help others are always good candidate. But he must have good army to contribute at the same time ability to work with team as a team player

4. Essential to build a relationship, ask someone to fairness demands myself to be fair, only then others will be interested in relationship. We need to try to be his side when he needs assistance most. Respect is another thing can be key to build a relationship. People will know my coa by seeing me.

5.Then if we can choose the right time to invite, most of the time he will accept.
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8 July, 2017, 1:14 PM UTC
The most important thing that players are atracted to a coalition is giving them a fair chance to particapate on anything that the coalition does (an event, geting a revenge, organising a deffence party, sharing the orichalum from the pantheons, acces to a role in coalition, helping the samll players with articles to sign more easly the agreements, giveing them the oportunity to make a stand for their oppionion and keeping them in touch with the liddering activities) and, nevertheless, to treat them as you would treat your real life family. Failure on leadership is not an option !
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10 July, 2017, 10:19 AM UTC

The strategic direction of the coalition would determine the best method of recruiting. 

An academy coalition would for example primarily focus on recruiting new players. This form of coalition would persuade newcomers to join by promising them a future spot in their parent coalition provided that the member meets the expected standards. Similarly, this form of coalition could offer resources, articles, guide and, tips & tricks so that the new players can develop and grow their city. An academy coalition typically does not need require any level or power-points to join and so this form of coalition would be best to recruit and train new players since their main focus is growth, which is, aligned with that of the academy. A good academy coalition may not recruit the "best" players but can certainly train them to be the "best". 

A more seasoned coalition would too recruit new players based on their strategic direction. An offense coalition would be primarily interested in recruiting offensive players. On the otherhand, a defensive coalition would be primarily interested in recruiting defensive players. In this respect, a defensive coalition may persuade members who prefer to play defensive by forming several alliances and capturing pans. Similarly, an offensive coalition may never capture a pantheon and hold little to no alliances. The level of recruitment would obviously depend on the reputation of your coalition. Kracken for example has a strong reputation for building defense for months on end and avoiding offensive measures to their best. This reputation has only arisen from their long term strategic direction in holding pans and defending. This explains why they have so many strong defensive players. Likewise, Nordmann have built a reputation for causing anarchy. This explains why all the top 4 all time offensive players are in Nordmann. Players want to associate with like minded players. In short, strategic direction and reputation influences the type of recruitment you get and what best fits our coalition. 

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Wy San Luis
11 July, 2017, 12:04 PM UTC
The best way to get the best coalition members is to invite everyone and mentor them to be the best.
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