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9 June, 2017, 8:03 PM UTC

What are the secrets for success in Sparta? Send us your tips!

The giver of the best advice will get 10,000 Drachmas! ✍️✍️✍️ However, anyone with a great idea has the chance to be interviewed for!

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10 June, 2017, 3:17 AM UTC

yes   for success in this game  one  should do one of three things.     

first and easiest way to enlarge your power in this game,  it is best to create multiple accounts    and work  on all of them daily.  Plarium  says this is against the rules but they do not enforce it.    so  the more cities you have  going  the more you can single out a certain player or coa.   this keeps your enemies away from you   while  your alt accounts drain their armies.    also  if you have a bunch of cities  you can pick a main account put it in a strong coa    then use your alts as spies in weaker coa.     this allows you  to get accurate power in force your enemy has   so you can attack their cap and pans.      this is how most cap takedowns and pans wars  go.    it is the best way    if the weaker coa is smart  you can black mail them    they will remove  their def  and you can get  your coa badges with no losses.  this way of playing takes  no intelligence  and is a fast way to control the board.

second  and this is the most important I think.    you need to understand that this game is an animated excel spread sheet.   so the game is all about math   and their is so much of it.  so spend several months breaking down  everything   pp attacks,  pvp attacks,   troop build efficiency to resource production, and so on; the list continues for ever. after  you learn how things  work then you can sit back and wait.    Like Niccolo Machiavelli said from The Prince,  "when dealing with an insurrection or rebellion it is best to strike only once in such a powerful way that the enemy is destroyed instantly and anyone around will fear you enough not to cross you again. if this cannot be done it is best not to strike"    so this game never ends  it is not worth fighting daily,  when someone makes you angry   wait until you are ready make sure your attacks is calculated out perfectly   then strike.     while waiting  for this  you have time now to make friends, build troops  and learn more about how to use your troops  the most efficient way possible  so you are never out of troops.  plus  math and time will knockout almost all coiners in the game. 

the third way for success in this game  and the only quick way to play is to spend money.    I do it, but I would not recommend it.    no reason to.     you can have large army  instantly  but you can also lose large army instantly.   I do it every night playing pp.     I also  make sure I take at least 2 months out of the year for vacation.  money is for life  not a game.  it does help.   I do recommend  that  you  buy as soon as possible  the upgrades  for acropolis to max.   not important   but it stops  you from having to check in daily.

only true way of success is to do like my buddy BAZZA from KARMA coa.    play for fun  and don't get caught up in big points and big coa.   after all it is a game.  who cares if you lose your army     it only takes  a few days  to get something back.      the less you have  the less you have to lose.     

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13 June, 2017, 7:30 PM UTC

You got nice advice over here from PMC, but that's disgustingly mean   

I'd advise you not to pay, since you will feel much prouder of what you've accomplished in a while if you don't.

But it will require a lot of patience, so get ready for it...

From the beginning, you should put the emphasis on developing your city, so follow the first quests given by Leonidas in order to learn the game while building and upgrading your buildings as fast as possible.

You will win some drachmas quickly with the quests but spare them for the most important investent : a second artisan, it's definitely worth it, if you buy it quickly. Keep your artisan busy at all times, calculating the upgrade times so that an upgrade doesn't stop at night when you cannot put your artisan back to work. Don't waste your drachmas for anything else at the beginning, knowing that most of what the market proposes is pure theft.

Since you cannot be too strong without spending money, choose to specialise either in offense or defense (though you will need at least a little offense if you choose defense), and build troops accordingly.

A very important principle is that, most of the time, weak units are better value than strong ones, comparing their strength to their production cost.

So start building light infantry and never stop, and then add heavies only once you can keep your light infantry training non-stop, and so on.

A point worth mentioning is the units speed : if you want to focus on persian positions, build swordsmen (slow but we don't care, and better value), but if you prefer to fight real archons, build hoplites instead (they're way faster, which will matter).

Don't underestimate weak units as some do, in large numbers, they can hurt, and easily be replaced.

There is still plenty to say, but I will make it short :

play smart, the goal is obviously to have fun but the challenge is to grow your army, so try not to lose it foolishly by attacking anybody, spare it until you upgraded your agreements (and general) and observe the different rewards from the tournaments, most times it's just worth reaching the first little rewards, no more (100 points at the beginning). It's incredible how many people lose all they have and seem to be happy because "at least they got thousands of points".

When you want to buy things, always wait for a discount (either monthly discounts like for the fortifications and sketches), or in the wheel of fortune (little pink bubble at the bottom right of your screen). I woud advise you to use sketches (not for beginners) to bring your acropolis, lumberyards and forges to level 21, and your favourite type of light infantry to level 31 (swordsmen for PP, hoplites for PVP off and javelineers for PVP def). Then you should always build that type of units, so as to make the most of it.

Last point, make friends, join a nice coalition from the very beginning, because the game is dead without one ; it's a social game, talking on the chat and making friends is maybe the most important aspect of the game, you'll quickly notice there isn't much else... apart from contemplating your army slowly growing 

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13 June, 2017, 9:00 PM UTC
Adding to what has already been said, the key to the game is growth; growth of cities by level, growth of resource production, growth of trade capability, and growth of army. All of these are dependent on the use of resources. I have found that maximizing resources requires several things, the easiest of which is completing the individual and coalition quests offered daily. I have found that scouting and raiding for resources to be most productive if a system is used. Since only ten raids per day are provided, I want to maximize the results of those raids. I start by scouting the bot lines each day (covering different sectors) and recording the results. I scout fifty per day, and raid the ten with the most resources. I don't overlook the large abandoned cities along the bot lines since these often have many resources. I use Macedonian Cavalry for their speed and carrying capacity, and send enough to carry the resources located at the target. You can recover a larger percentage per raid by using the "galley trick". This is done by timing the arrival of your raid and dispatching all of you galleys loaded with any resource shortly before (10 sec) the arrival of your raid, and then cancelling immediately after the raid hits. I generally don't raid targets which are active or besieged, because picking fights is counterproductive to my overall plan. Initially use most resources to grow your resource production buildings, and after they are all upgraded, to grow your army by keeping all queues for light, heavy, phalanx, and cavalry full 24/7. All of this takes time and, as others have said, patience, which is the key to sustained and steady growth. And that is what measures success in the long run: Growth.
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29 August, 2017, 12:57 PM UTC

many people say you offense and defense power are the most important in this game. So coiners will always defeat non coiners. Well i can say that is not true. Your power isnt the best thing in the game to win. Its how smart you play in the game. 

i've defeated quite big coiners with a small army, you have to play smart. i defeated a coiner by letting him siege me cause i knew he was gonna send all his off to siege me . While i was sieged i directly sended my offense out to liberate me and he lost 3/4th of his army with no ability to revive them.

When you send your whole offense to someone, you show him how strong/weak you are and you're vunerable. The defender can then prepare a force into his city that will defeat the offense.  Many coiners think they can break threw everything with their offense. You succeed one time next time you can do it again. But thats playing dumb cause many dont scout then and walk into the trap and lose their offense. Cause the defender is smart and prepares for him and let him walk into the trap. 

Aside smartness is also the ability to create a family within your coalition. So you know who will support you and who not when necessary. And when you're a family they will support each other and react fast when necesarry to prepare a trap or have fun togheter

the ability to be smart comes out of experience so play long and become smart and then you'll have alot of fun here

so if i win i'll be smart with the 10k drachmas (but the enemie will know i won it ;) )

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29 August, 2017, 1:10 PM UTC
i hink, the best thing is a very good teamwork within the koa.
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30 August, 2017, 10:34 AM UTC

the best thing ther is is do whatever the hell you want in game whenever the hell you want it.

that gives you the most fun.
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31 August, 2017, 5:59 AM UTC
Regularity, good cooperation in a coalition are the only advice i can give.
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