We want to know about the features you want to see!

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21 March, 2017, 4:40 PM UTC

Archons! We want to know about the features you want to see in the game in future!

All suggestions are welcome: Powerful new Units, mechanical changes, and any other feature you can think of!

We will be releasing some earlier suggestions tomorrow - keep an eye out for yours in upcoming posts!

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24 March, 2017, 10:41 AM UTC

Hello King Leonidas.  Here are some ideas.

*New champion units.  

1) Add a new Hydra champion unit.  Players can use this unit for offense and defense. It can add troop bonuses like a minotaur and a manticore. Both in 1 powerful unit. 

2) Add new Demon of Hades champion units. Players can use this for offense attacks. Players can use it for a limited number of attacks. For example, Warrior Demon (2 times), Demon Warlord (5 times) and Demon of Death (10 times). When a player uses it, it can give bonuses to some offense troops, including other offense champion units. Also it can do limited offense damage like an assassin. For example, Warrior Demon 30% of assassin damage, Demon Warlord 25% of assassin damage, Demon of Death 20% of assassin damage up to some maximum number of enemy troops. Players can use Demons to attack any position -cities, emporium, capitals, pantheons, and PP. 

3) Add new Pegasus champion units. Players can use this for defense. Players can use it for a limited number of times. For example, Shielded Pegasus (2 defenses), Mounted Pegasus (5 defenses) and Pegasus of Protection (10 defenses). When a player uses it, it can give bonuses to defense troops, including other defense champion units. It can also protect against a similar level Demon. For example, a Shielded Pegasus can cancel attack bonuses from a Warrior Demon, a Mounted Pegasus can cancel attacks bonuses from a Demon Warlord, a Pegasus of Protection can cancel attack bonuses from a Demon of Death. Also Pegasus champion units can do stacking defense damage. It means, the more Pegasus units players use at one place at one time, the larger the defense bonuses (%) can be. Players can use Pegasus units at any position - cities, emporium, capitals, pantheons, and PP.

 *New features

1) Sparta trading center. If players have some items they don't use or need, then they can try to exchange them here with Plarium. For example, not-used market items, not-used GPS items, not-used phylarch points. Players can try to get some resources, denari or a little gold. The rate of exchange can change (day, week, month). Plarium can decide.

2) Sparta trading center special exchange days. On special days, players can find that they can exchange some item or items for another item. Sometimes the trade can be even. Other times players need to still pay some gold or resources to get. Plarium can decide.

3) Sparta trading center special events.  On special days, players can enter item exchange contests. For example, players can try to exchange some item or items for a mystery box. The mystery box could have anything up to some amount of value  -resources, denari, some gold, other item or items, troops...  Plarium can decide.

Thank you.

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24 March, 2017, 11:29 AM UTC

Hy , what i think 

A reset button for the  Oracle to start from  level 1 ,and to be able to upgrade back  but without  rewards till u reach the progres u reset from ,because  i lot of people are unhappy by the  troups they lost there  because they upgraded to much their oracle 

An Pawn Shop where  you can destroy  soldiers to make  others soldiers available only there , for example with  pieces from three agemas and 5 drachmas u can have  in exchange  x super soldier  or something like this

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16 April, 2017, 3:48 PM UTC
how it's this going ??
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