The Legend Of Olympians

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1 March, 2017, 10:20 PM UTC

Chapter 1

Son Of Kronos, Fall Of Kronos

Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, Brother In Arm co operate to take down the mighty Kronos, their own Father.

They have to do it or else, Kronos will devour them all to regain Immortality as only Mighty Titan.

After the death of their mother Rhea, it come to the end of Kronos Realm Of Terror.


The 3 brother never intended to kill their own father, to ensure Kronos remain weak, they build the Prison Of Tartarus and put their Father there for Eternity.

The Tartarus Prison absord the power of Kronos keeping Kronos Weak and unable to feed on Mortal, Time pass by, Kronos losing most of his own Immortality and dry up till stone.

After taking care of Kronos, Zeus claim himself the new God along with his brother Poseidon and Hades, but the problem occur, there only 1 God so Zeus divide the World of Titan into 3, The Sky (Olympus), The Sea and The Land.

Zeus give The Land to Poseidon 1st but Hades rejected that and wanted the land and let Poseidon take over the cold and wet Sea.

Zeus granted that wish and give The Land to Hades and Sea to Poseidon, Zeus know Hades will one day take over his Sky Realm from The Land so Zeus trick Hades and strike Hades to the Underworld beneath The Land and Hades remain at Underworld where his Father Kronos were prison there.

Hades never rise from the Underworld as long as Zeus around, Poseidon knew Zeus is Wise and unpredictable, so he gave his loyalty never touch The Sky as long as Poseidon have The Sea.

To repay the loyalty, Poseidon been granted as one of the Olympian God and remain at Zeus side. While Hades have Nothing.

The Land were empty, without God or Titan to rule, Mortal were born and The Land remain to the hand of Mortal, Hades anger by cursing Mortal that claim his Land will die in Hell where Hades will take his Revenge on Mortal soul.

Hades gain power from the Mortal Soul, and he is eager to see Zeus fall.

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1 March, 2017, 10:28 PM UTC

Chapter 2

Hades Sorrow

After being banish to the underworld, Hades were desperate and starting felt betray by his own brother.

Hades decided to take the long walk to Tartarus Prison and see his Father Kronos, In Hades journey to Tartarus Prison, he felt something weird around the prison.

Once Hades meet Kronos Stone and started crying and felt lonely.

Hades didn't know that he was surrounded by Kronos breeding Titan known as MakHai.

Kronos spoke: " Hades.....Ha..ha..ha"

Hades were shock hearing such horror voice from the Kronos stone and notice he was surrounded by Kronos Titan.

The Makhai were ready to butcher Hades but Kronos stop them and wanted to make negotiation with Hades.

Kronos order one of the Makhai bring his Scythe and hand it over to Hades.

Hades hold the Scythe and transform into Pitchfork looking weapon.

Kronos then talk to Hades in echo

"Revenge will come, my child....Zeus will PAY...."

Hades started to smile.....


With Kronos breeding Makhai Army and the mighty weapon that Hades holding will not enough to bring down Olympian

So Hades will ensure Mortal betray their own Creator the Olympian, and take this advantage to bring down Olympian once and for all.

In Hades journey of revenge, Massive breeding creature of Chimera,Manticore,Minataurs,Makhai,Hell Serpent and Hell Hound appear from Kronos power.

Most of the creature were under Hades command, although they are no match for Olympian, but using them to bring terror back to mortal world is easy task.

Mortal losing Faith and Prayer to Olympian will weaken them, and by the time come, Hades will take the final blow toward Zeus Heart.

The main problem Hades will face is Ares, taking Ares by Hades side will surely the meaning of destruction.

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1 March, 2017, 10:36 PM UTC

Chapter 3 part 1

A Call of Aid

Kronos Anger Breed.

Makhai is one of the Kronos breeding Underworld Titan from Kronos of Anger.

Makhai is brute and hard to kill Demon that hunt Mortal as food, their body felt nothing, no feeling, no taste, not even Mercy.

Makhai is origin of mortal fresh from the dead, after being possessed by Kronos Anger, the Corpse mutated and start growing and came alive and crawl to the Underworld.

Hades can control this kind of Demon, the Anger of Hades is similar to Kronos, both got betray.


Few of Makhai rise from the land and started killing Mortal and consuming them as food.

Zeus at Olympus notice from Mortal prayer seeking help from the God.

Zeus order Ares to aid the mortal and destroy this foul creature, Ares accepted his father wish and went to The Mortal Land to lay waste to Makhai Titan.

But... the story not even close, those few Makhai were only decoy to lure Olympian God, but it seem Ares were being send.

Hades eager to kill Ares, but Kronos whispering Hades that Ares is the key for the destruction of Olympians.

Ares manage to kill out the few Makhai that causing the chaos, Hades appear at Ares view and spoke:

"Oh my, it isn't Ares son of Zeus"

Ares reply: " have no right here!!!"

Hades reply back: "Yes, oh yes...but they have the right here"

Ares felt weird what Hades say.

Hades then reply: "Look around you..."

Ares didn't listen to Hades and shout: "You dare to face me"

Hades smiling at Ares and point his finger at the ground and spoke:

"Don't you love the smell of Death..."

Ares got mad and draw his sword toward Hades face and spoke:

"I cut you down, Death upon you"

Hades laugh at Ares and dissapear!

Ares suddenly felt the ground shaking.....

Thousand of Makhai Titan crawl from the ground and surrounded Ares.

Ares spoke: "Is that the best you can do!!!"

Makhai charge toward Ares and the battle broke out.

Stay tuned for the next Chapter....

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