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Albert D GREAT
23 March, 2016, 5:43 PM UTC
My heart goes out to any 1 who lost relative friends or was affected by bombing in brussel past days and hope one day this so called terorrist will understand they only hurting humans like them, not rodents  #brusselstandstong
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18 April, 2016, 9:58 AM UTC

Hello Albert,

All my sympathy and condolences are going to them.

However, everybody has to be aware they perfectly know they're not killing rodents, and they precisely want and love to hurt people out of pure sadism. Religion has nothing to do with this, and everybody knows they're only helping globally strategic political and economical goals. Maybe some of these freaks are fooled into thinking they're fulfilling religious purposes, but their leaders perfectly know they don't.

Maybe the only people who could be be (and probably must be) reasoned are these fools, but their leaders are just cynical criminals, only craving for money, slave women, power and gratuitous sadism. Any demonstration, march, etc. just proves they were right and they have successfully hit you where it hurts, so they'll plan for even more.


I pity the fool
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