Defensive Coalition Specialising in Mentoring Newbies

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17 July, 2015, 10:03 AM UTC

Helot Killers is a coalition that began in January 2015 and numbers almost 60 members. We have a blog that gives valuable information about our coalition and the game:

Our particular vision is to try - within the parameters of the game - to give a flavour of Ancient Sparta's military system.

Our entrance requirement is level 30, although our Academy takes in new Scholars of any level.

Ancient Sparta had a number of particular characteristics we try to follow. Sparta was always war-ready. Our emphasis is on DEFENCE and mutual building and repair. Sparta was a reliable ally. We take our commitments to friends & allies seriously. Sparta had a serious and thorough system of training. We require a daily log-in and work hard to encourage member's development - especially newcomers.

We function in English, French & German, but there are members who speak other languages too.

If we sound like the coalition for you, contact our Hegemon Philo at -739;-410.

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