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28 August, 2017, 12:57 PM UTC

SPQR was the "motto" and the official monogram of the Roman Republic, in the same way that "US" or "USA" represents the United States.

SPQR, is proudly inscribed on Roman landmarks, triumphal arches, palaces, and milestones.

The abbreviation SPQR means, in English, the Senate and the Roman people (or the Senate and the people of Rome).

After defeating Tarquin, the last Roman king, the people started a new type of government, a republic.

SPQR charts the rise of Rome, looks for answers in a model of citizenship, unprecedented in the ancient world, that allowed all the peoples of Italy, then much of Western Europe, and finally tens of millions of people in all corners of the empire to call themselves Romans.

The full citizen could vote, marry freeborn persons, and practice commerce.

Our coalition are in the same mind, people are mostly independant, chatty, not ruled by big rules. The hegemon, Raphal allow us to take decisions and is looking for nice players that can contribute to the life of our coalition.

We are mostly peaceful but defending our players and alliances (not farmers, so), that's why we are looking for level 60 to .... with big off or defense and great team spirit. Join us, we are waiting for your request.

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