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17 June, 2015, 10:51 PM UTC

Hi there,

I got an invite from a coalition that I liked recently but the invite vanished at some point from my diplomacy tab in the reports section.  I have been trying to joint he coalition by other means (searching in the embassy, accepting the Join a Coalition button in tournaments etc.) but in all instances I am prevented from joining.  I sent a message to the coalition and they are keen for me to join them too.

A message that popped up a number of times said that the maximum number coalition members had been reached - this did not make sense as other coalitions had more coalition members.  I double checked the wiki and apparently the max number for coalition members is now 100 (,_Coalition:SWOE).  

When was such a measure introduced?  I don't think that this makes sense.  First it does not help people joining a coalition (having played without one for nearly a year and better developed than a lot of others gamers in my section that are /were in a coalition, I definitively will not join a random coalition just because SWOE suddenly sets a limit) and (B) it certainly disadvantages newer coalitions as the established ones have larger member numbers i.e. more than the maximum now aloud sometimes nearly twice as many.  

So in all this measure should be abandoned if coalitions are to be encouraged.  I am certainly not happy about this having been done in the secret behind the scenes.  

If anyone has found a workaround to this let me know.

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17 June, 2015, 11:15 PM UTC

Hi Palmoni,

Starting coalition member limit is 100, however members of a coalition can use coalition standards to increase the member limit (it goes up to 160 members max). Coalition standards can be used by any member of a coalition by going to Embassy and under coalition section, expansion tab.

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