The Horde is recruiting - English, Spanish and Portuguese

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29 May, 2015, 12:07 AM UTC

Hello Spartans! The Horde is recruiting Active players from level 20 +

The idea of our coalition is more of a social based group that tries to help each other.

I've created a forum so the players can communicate better and we are planning to have Events and Games (both inside of the game and in our forum!)

Link for our Forum

We are accepting players that know how to speak English, Spanish or Portuguese, but for better interaction the player should at least know how to read English.

I am Brazillian myself but I'm trying to globalize our group to the max.

If you are interested in our coalition and don't have the requirements for entering, plese, send me a message on game or in our forum and I'll try to help you!

If you have any questions about the coalition, please comment here.

And if you are from another coalition but wants an alliance with us, send me the proposal in game! After all, Unity is Strength!

Thank you, and see you in The Horde!

Scariottis, lvl 62, The Horde
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