'The Punishers' an Offence Based Coalition - (Recruitment)

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21 April, 2017, 7:40 PM UTC

Hello folks ,

for those of you who are looking to play the game with freedom , also being an active player , do join 'The Punishers' .

aggressive and offence based coalition but stand with allies always when needed.

looking for active players , players who will communicate more with other fellow members in teaching and learning together , also teaching newer members and growing together , stronger , stronger in strategising ,communication , team work , performance and  troops .

bullying and an abusive speech will not be tolerated , respect everyone but hurt your enemy were it will hurt most ,

attacking pantheons and capitals are allowed in this coalition .

join in and lets have some fun and Punish those who are egoistic and those who bully you! 


The Punisher
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21 April, 2017, 7:55 PM UTC


will look you guys up now


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