Tell everyone about your Coalition for a chance to win 10,000 Drachmas!

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Basileus Leonidas
5 January, 2017, 2:13 PM UTC

Tell everyone about your Coalition for a chance to win 10,000 Drachmas!

Archons, share a fascinating story about your Coalition in the comments below to take part in the contest! Tell us about your major battle operations, your Coalition Members, or how your Coalition was created – it’s your call! The author of the most exciting story will get 10,000 Drachmas! Also, our Community Managers will interview the authors of the most interesting stories that will be published on our Blog on

Leave a comment if you want everyone to know about your Coalition!

War doesn't determine who is right - only who is left.
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5 January, 2017, 2:32 PM UTC
Sounds good.
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Alyona Kolomiitseva
Community Manager
27 January, 2017, 12:37 PM UTC
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4 February, 2017, 4:04 AM UTC
15+ Coalitions decide to group up to hammer us down over best squad with statements saying they supported us or we support them.  fact is we got our achievments as a comited group and have good intel comunications with each player in reckoning with 100% team support.  bottom line is they are bigger bullys co-ordinating attacks at our coalition, but win or loose they the biggest loosers and we still stand strong!
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12 February, 2017, 2:49 AM UTC

Hello everyone. The coalition I joined is small. But we have some interesting members from different countries. We play at different times. But we can still work together well. Also we speak different languages. So sometimes we must use Google translate to understand...

About a month ago, something very shocking happened. Our capital city was at level 5. But we wanted to upgrade it. We sent many defense troops to the capital. We were ready to defend it. But before we could upgrade, another coalition attacked it. We didn’t know that coalition before that time. But they seemed to know exactly how many troops we put in the capital. They knew exactly when to attack and how much to attack. But they didn't sent scouts first to check. Ah…But did they check?

Inside our coalition, we thought that they put a secret spy. I mean, someone gave the capital information to them. We had some new members join just before. But we couldn't know exactly who the traitor could be. We tried to find the spy in chat. Also we used a greeting message in different languages. We used Google translate. Maybe the spy would answer in the attacker coalition language -the traitors language. But no-one answered back that way. So the mystery of the secret spy continued.

About a few weeks after, a very strange message came from one member. Maybe that player was the spy –maybe not. But the Google translation suggested yes. The translation wasn't clear. It said in English ‘the war dogs I came. arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggg. No you know that is. F*** forever (etc).’ I cant write everything in it. Some parts had many bad words. Some parts I couldnt understand exactly. The message was like my angry neighbor after drinking too much. It gave me a headache. 

So, from the story please remember 2 things. Watch out for spies. Be careful of Google translate. Both of them can be enemies.

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13 February, 2017, 12:48 AM UTC

Most of my Coalition started out in another coalition but decided they wanted to go off on their own, I followed in their footsteps, what persuaded me to join them was the fact that they had started to build or had the vision to build not only a coalition but also a family. The fact that they would take me a very low level at the time and take me under their wing without so much as a question was astounding. They helped me grow, learn and also fail on many occasions with their help I have mastered this game and also being able to help other players grow. Due to the loving and caring nature of our members we have also accepted other coalitions into the fold allowing us to build and develop. Not only have we had great moments with each other both in battle finally breaching the top 100 coalition mark, but we have also faced hardships. With the very sad departure of our beloved leader and his sister but also some of the founding members.

We have had many new challenges and hardships to overcome and that is something that has tested our resolve not only as individual players but also as a unit, while we may fight and argue about what the best course of action may be not only for the near future but also the distant future. I know in my heart whatever we do decide and whatever we accomplish from this day forward we will do as one coalition, one unit, one family.

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20 February, 2017, 7:38 PM UTC


I want to tell something about my coalition "Indians". As you can understand, Indians is the name for the people of India.Our coa is around 150 ranked, holds a lvl9 cap, considering an upgrade. I didnt start this coa, i came to this coa when i was under lvl40. Since then i am here. Vikramaditya started our coa on 05-07-15 and many came to our coa. Among which, there was a high lvl player, Skitish(Ex-pole of Storm Chasers) and Vikramaditya gave up his Hegemon position for him due to his high level and experience. I dont think any other will simply gave up his Hegemon position to an unknown player even though he is from same country.But this happened in our coalition. Now Skitish is our Hegemon, he is a fantastic player and a good leader.

 Our coa was supposed to be for Indians, but as you know we cant run a coa with only Indians. Its because online gaming is not that popular in our country, even though we are the second largest populated country in the World. And we got some loyal and good players from other countries. And now one among the 5 poles including me, is an Australian. So no one can say, this is only for Indians. We care about only loyalty and good playing abilities. Also its not feasible for us(Indians) to buy packages as they cost much for us. If you convert dollar to rupee, its a large value, so most of the Indian players are non-coiners. Still we played well and won 4 challenges till now. We were also holding a pan once, and that time is considered as the golden era of our coa. We were inside top 100 at that time.  Also some Indian coiners are from abroad. 

If you ask whats special about Indians, i have not much to say, still we have some unique players. I can say Indians hold some of the Worlds best siegers. I got first in siege ranks for more than 10 times. My fellow members Bebin, Chauhan and Bhashkar also got first in siege ranks. And Pkgs once got into top10 of persian ranks in a week.

Once, we had some issues internally following a war and challenge, and some players left us and started a new coalition. We lost some players like Sole, Cpbob who were good individual players. Also once our capital got downgraded by Terminators3. We also lost one war and two challenges.

Still in Plarium, our coalition is the only coalition dedicated for Indians. It was all fun and adventure here. We are a family now here. We know each other.We care about each other, not only in game but in real life also. As you may know, India has a lot of local languages making it difficult for us to use our mother tongue. We use English here, commonly. I dont think many other countries may experience this kind of issue. My mother tongue "Malayalam" can be understood by only few members in our coa, a coa where many Indians play.Its a strange thing.

 We have members from Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. All are welcome here. But fighting along with our own countrymen for the name "Indians" is really fantastic and patriotic. And our coa is not a big coa, so responsibilities are less, everyone can play as they like. No ego, political issues. Life is beautiful in a small coalition as far as i am concerned. Also we are not associated to any coa groups like NWO.

 And i want to mention some important players of us too, i dont know whether anyone will read this or not. Skitish- Heg, Lord Strangler- Pole, raider, good person, Ajax-Pole, Iden- Pole, raider, off powerhouse, Ashoka- Pole, off, def powerhouse, Bebin- SIeger, Prateek-raider, Era- overall player, Everest, Dumali, Vikramaditya, Deadpool, Raminder, Calthin, Flynn, Jayjaykiller. 

I hope i covered all the major historical events for my coa, before and after me. Also i want to be with this coa as long as i play this game.

This is all about my coa, I wrote in detail because i am a pole here and i am an Indian. If anyone feel hurt, sorry for that, i didnt mean that.

With regards



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Alyona Kolomiitseva
Community Manager
24 February, 2017, 11:27 AM UTC

Thanks you all for sharing your stories! Our winner is sarathps04! Congrats!  I've sent you 10k Drachmas on server 1.

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Phoenix sun
15 March, 2017, 9:09 AM UTC
At my low point in sparta I needed help Alot of help I personaly went thro every top col asked to save my city no one at the time responed but one day i receved a pm and my real hero told me not to worrie  Sammalone frm  lost souls col #1 at that time came to a nobody me that is and told no one what he was doing i gryed that day but now i smile every time we message he save my sm city and has been a brouther to me every sence then i lost my real bouther in real life but sam is my brouthers angle in life iam so HONNERD to  know sam  you are the warrior that I safley fall asleep with IAM safe now I thank you sam much respect 
Phoenix sun
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Phoenix sun
26 March, 2017, 6:16 AM UTC
Tinman  of STHold col  went above and beneith   and beyond his  job some day ill sing him a song at ill call it you are the you are the Tinman that made a person think she was in a movie with a heart i thank you and always loyal and sammalone dont for get to follow the road that you tought me to stay on lv 2 two phoenix sun 
Phoenix sun
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14 April, 2017, 2:31 PM UTC
Terminators is the mother of a family of coalitions, our warriors are all committed to playing as a team and our chatroom enables us to talk to each other within our own coalition and across the family. Each coalition within the family has a unique character and has different requirements from its warriors, but we look out for each other and as a combined family we are formidable with in excess of 600 warriors. I am a recruitment officer at terminators, and I work closely with all the recruitment poles and hegemons in the family and talk about possible recruits. Players often switch between the family and can choose to play at a level that suits their skills or budget. Our entire team talk often about tactics and game strategy, and we have several players that are actively testing aspects of the game and share the results with their team. There are sometimes places available to new players but we are selective, we try to ensure that new recruits are team players and make a positive addition to the fun. If anyone reads this and wants more information on us please message me, Vincentius at Terminators.
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26 April, 2017, 8:08 PM UTC
Please join the Release the Kraken coalition ! 
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26 April, 2017, 11:31 PM UTC
nah only right choice to join is the wonderfull house of batiatus ! 
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29 April, 2017, 1:07 PM UTC
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28 August, 2017, 12:54 PM UTC

SPQR was the "motto" and the official monogram of the Roman Republic, in the same way that "US" or "USA" represents the United States.

SPQR, is proudly inscribed on Roman landmarks, triumphal arches, palaces, and milestones.

The abbreviation SPQR means, in English, the Senate and the Roman people (or the Senate and the people of Rome).

After defeating Tarquin, the last Roman king, the people started a new type of government, a republic. 

SPQR charts the rise of Rome, looks for answers in a model of citizenship, unprecedented in the ancient world, that allowed all the peoples of Italy, then much of Western Europe, and finally tens of millions of people in all corners of the empire to call themselves Romans. 

The full citizen could vote,  marry freeborn persons, and practice commerce. 

Our coalition are in the same mind, people are mostly independant, chatty, not ruled by big rules. The hegemon, Raphal allow us to take decisions and is looking for nice players that can contribute to the life of our coalition.

We are mostly peaceful but defending our players and alliances (not farmers, so), that's why we are looking for level 60 to .... with big off or defense and great team spirit. Join us, we are waiting for your request.
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25 September, 2017, 12:22 AM UTC
We have a great coalition in server 1 called the Black Dragons.  We have learned to use the Capital and keeping defense in it to enjoy higher rewards via teamwork and keeping a minimum amount of defensive soldiers in our capital.  We started as a group who wanted to get the best possible excitement from the game and have had a great time in gaining rewards via active members who play.  We have many players for many different ethnic backgrounds.  What makes us unique is that we have everyone playing everyday and are reaping great rewards in becoming a coalition that is rising in the ranks before this.  We used to use old tactics in order to gain experience points and pvp, but the newer tactics have us at an advantage where we are able to build what we want when we want, and are trying to get to the point where the rewards make us self-sufficient.  We are always looking for new members who are dedicated to teamwork, meeting new people, and enjoy the game.  For us, it is a game first, but we do like to see activity.  To get great rewards, all of us put at least 6 million defensive troops into our capital before we start building offense for attacks.  This may seem like a drag or slow process, but this tactic really does work in the long run.
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