SONS OF ZEUS NEW COALITION RECURIMENT (only for unrighter warriors)

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17 December, 2016, 1:08 PM UTC

sons of ZEUS  

new international coalition recruitment

Own internal work system

  • Internal goals for each warrior
  • Keys to an army of 50,000 warriors
  • How to use your resources wisely
  • The importance of diplomacy
  • The importance of looting. Weekly strategy
  • Defensive base system (the why of a balanced defense)
  • Is it worth fighting with the neighbors?
  • How to win troops in xerxes if we do not have a big army: The key: patience
  • The importance of capital for the coalition
  •  Promotions by personal goals
  • Personal satisfaction. 


          top 100 in 6 months

          top 50 in 9 months

Not everyone can be a son of zeus

you can?
You can be a worthy
sons of zeus?

You are nonconformist ?

Stand up  

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