Outlaws knock down Lost Souls out of 1st. HOB takes over

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28 August, 2016, 5:53 PM UTC

Once again, House of Batiatus, despite the fact that they haven't been recently involved in the controversy surrounding lost souls pantheons, have gotten the fist place title. To them I say congratulations. Talked to my friend and he said it was tough, but they have been able to maintain their progress.

I knew that outlaws were attacking Lost Souls and all that, and they are in a battle, but Outlaws taking down 5+ Lost Souls pantheons, I wasn't expecting that. I am non-sided since I am neither with IFS nor with Outlaws (Before some people misread this again, It means that I am part of terminators and not part of lost souls or outlaws or NWO, etc.), but it was interesting to see Outlaws do this feat; taking down LS with power

One of the original 2 founders of Outlaws that was in my coalition congratulated Outlaws, and he was happy. Although outlaws are ranked 199 and only have 36 members, each of those members are humongous and powerful. Imagine that; 36 members; fighting against around 150. That is an accomplishment

This isn't there current status now, but one week after outlaws was founded, they only had seven members. guess how much off/def they had? 100 mil on off and defense.

So I am wondering exactly what happened. Since this battle has been going on, I'm coming to the conclusion that Outlaws have been able to weaken the defense in most LS lvl 5 pantheon; making it easy for them to revive their units, then go on the offense and attack.

Penny for your thoughts guys? Remember, I am neither with Lost Souls or Outlaws; just my opinion and such

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