Union Hispartana Top 8: Congratulations

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GC Alab Supreme
2 August, 2016, 3:54 AM UTC

***FYI, by the time that I wrote this, Nordmann has stolen the number 8 spot from Union, but they were still up there and still at 9th place, so worth mentioning. Probably too late to say anything, but still***

TL;DR: I congratulate Union Hispartana for being the first and only Spanish coalition to reach the top 8, let alone top 15. Yeah, I know, seems pointless writing this, but just wanted to say it

Many people here that have been playing as long as I have, with knowledge of coalitions and how rankings work, were obsessed with the dominant four coalitions - as well as some other coalitions - that seemed to always keep a monopoly and never allow any coalitions to get near the top 10 - at least, coalitions that weren't allies with them already. It was, at the time, Lost Souls, Death Inc, Kracken, Terminators, Rancho Relaxo (R.I.P), Equilibrium, Lost Souls 2, House of Batiatus, and other coalitions like that. and these coalitions were all mainly US or European based. At the time, it seemed impossible that any Latin American coalition, let alone Spanish coalition, would even be able to hold a pantheon. There just wasn't enough Spanish players that were big cash players to actually do real damage to the big coalitions.

At first, before I took a break, many coalitions tried to break the status quo, but it ended up being a failure anyways to hold a pantheon for so long. Other than the fact that the United Nations coal was technically multi-lingual, with Spanish integrated in its ranking, no Spanish coalition could hold a pantheon for longer than at least an hour or two. The only coalition I remember that could hold a pantheon was Enyalos, and that didn't really help their coalition much back then.

I guess when S.P.Q.R took down Rancho Relaxo, it showed coalitions that they could do anything if they put their mind and effort into it...

So when I come back from my break and truly payed attention to coalitions (by now, I have resumed form break in, like, June 2015, but was fully alert on Sparta by January of this year), I was shocked to see some Spanish coalitions have broken the status quo and have been not only to successfully attack and hold onto pantheons, but also move up the rankings to sizable positions. With the introduction of coalition capitals, however, this proved to be a breakthrough for all kinds of coalitions to prove themselves.

With that, having been a powerful coalition finally coming out of the shadows, for the firs time, a non-English based, non European power coalition reached the top 8, having forever spread their influence across Sparta. To them, I say good job!

☪Alab ☪
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2 August, 2016, 1:48 PM UTC
Quick build a wall! lol
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Guerrero Hispartano
2 August, 2016, 2:09 PM UTC

Thanks for your words.

 It is always nice to hear words of appreciation towards our coa.

To reach top 10 and stay there for a Hispanic coalition is not an easy challenge, and even more without “visa players”

Everything is based on a great teamwork, 100% participation from all members, a good method of work and the cooperation of trusted coalitions that been there along the way.

There are many good Hispanic coalitions, but we have been known by our lack of diplomacy and the language barrier, and without that diplomacy is impossible to grow in Sparta.

I would like to thank the NWO coalitions, which have always relied on our potential, we have shown to live up to any challenge, actively participating.

We will continue working to improve while having fun in Sparta, always with respect to the rest, helping in any way we can.

Guerrero Hispartano. Hegemon.


Gracias por tus palabras

Siempre es agradable escuchar palabras de reconocimiento, hacia nuestra coa.

Realmente llegar a top-10 y mantenerse para una coalición Hispana, no es un reto fácil, y más sin contar de grandes jugadores visa.

Todo se basa en un gran trabajo en equipo muy participativo por todos, un buen método de trabajo y la cooperación con coaliciones de confianza, que te enseñan y ayudan.

Hay coaliciones hispanas de gran nivel, pero siempre nos ha caracterizado la falta de diplomacia y la barrera del idioma, ya que sin esa diplomacia es imposible crecer en esparta.

Agradecer a las coaliciones de la alianza NWO, que siempre han confiado en nuestro potencial, hemos demostrado estar a la altura en cualquier reto, participando activamente.

Continuaremos trabajando en mejorar mientras seguimos divirtiéndonos en esparta, siempre respetando a los demás y ayudando de la manera que podamos

Guerrero Hispartano. Hegemon.

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2 August, 2016, 2:50 PM UTC

It is nice to know that other Hispanic coalition is among the top 10 coalition, facebook and here and have shown great potential congratulations to Union Hispartana

Freyner Arango's " I like tattoos "
UTC -5:00
2 August, 2016, 6:01 PM UTC
Such a lovely story.. Viva La Union. It's normal for you players not to have Visas :D
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2 August, 2016, 9:45 PM UTC
Drusilla said:

It's normal for you players not to have Visas :D
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2 August, 2016, 11:45 PM UTC

Congratulations! It's a nice coalition with polite members!

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GC Alab Supreme
28 August, 2016, 5:59 PM UTC
Actually, I MAY be wrong...isn't Zyka a spanish coalition?
☪Alab ☪
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30 August, 2016, 12:50 AM UTC


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