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3 July, 2016, 11:28 AM UTC
I am back from my 1 week ban! Thank you for snitching on me like a girl or maybe it was that girl Hilda.
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Albert D GREAT
3 July, 2016, 1:49 PM UTC

Albert D GREAT said:

Well the great war is some what over and to the victors goes the spoils arrruuu, but on a warmer note i think HOB initiative is a good president for the game and should make all big coa think twice before claiming territory or trying to dominate when there is so much moth to feed i think for Sparta to be stable and avoid unnecessary wars like last 1 all big coa should have max of 10 pant as HOB is aiming for so other strong coa but not necessary bunch of coiners can also enjoy no point playing game with nothing to show for for years, so i salute HOB on their initiative and also hope other big houses will be humble n follow lead to avoid unnecessary blood shed in Sparta and those leeches coas we see again A WELL EARNED VICTORY TO NWO!! PORTS I SEE YA : )
Well after considering few of thier action and behavoiur as i man i can stand corrected as to say maybe i was tired of death inc dictatorship  i though hob n nwo will be a breath of fresh air so as to opening coment on story as it canot be deleted or closed i officially take my words back n declare there is no much difeent apat from hob have more tools unlike inc who`s tools turned on them on 1st glance of next chance to be another stronger persons pupet and follower
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