Empire of Batiatus is recruiting!

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24 May, 2016, 5:43 PM UTC

Empire of Batiatus is a new coalition in the Batiatus family!

Empire of Batiatus is just taking it's first steps on the pantheon field with the support of House of Batiatus, and other Batiatus coalitions.

The coalition is growing stronger by the day and is steadily developing into a top coalition.

Empire of Batiatus is currently looking for new members over level 60 and with a combined army of at least 5 million.

Empire offers you a home of comfort and a road of exciting Spartan gameplay, as well as great support through your stages of development.

Contact Fury or apply to the coalition for a spot in the mighty Empire of Batiatus!

Look forward to welcoming our new arrivals!

Stay well archons and see you on the battlefield!

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