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18 March, 2016, 4:57 PM UTC

Archons, there are a lot of good Coalitions! Almost every warrior has ever encountered a trouble of making an important and brave choice, a choice of joining a Coalition!

Here, I'll give you few tips that will help you in future recruitment.

Hegemons, this is your chance to introduce your Coalition, try making it look professional.

Basic tips:

  • Introduce your Coalition name and describe its common goals (Pantheons, PvP, Positions, etc.).   
  • Make a Coalition banner or logo, something that will represent you and will attract attention.   
  • Specify your Coalition groups, sites or other sources where a player can find more information about the Coalition.  
  • Make a list of reasons what a player would benefit from your Coalition: what opportunities they have, what can they gain from joining. What are you or your members willing to teach newcomers.   
  • Make a list of the requirements (minimum offense, minimum defense, minimum level, etc.), as your Coalition becomes stronger you can raise the requirements.      
  • Make a list of rules (language, age, behavior, etc.), but keep in mind this is still a game, the idea is to make a friendly and relaxed environment that members will enjoy.   
  • Explain how the Ranking System works so future and current members can see what to work for and what to look forward to.     
  • Make an Application Form, state what information is required in the recruitment form.   

For example:


- Game Name

- Current level

- Offense

- Defense

State if you want your League to reach you via game pm with those details or via forum.

Name which members are in charge of recruitment, how to contact them.

End with a bit of information about your Coalition, what progress your members achieved in certain quests, tournaments or competitions. Add a little bit of your Coalition history.


Tips for applying for a Coalition.

When applying for a Coalition, state all information asked from you on the recruitment form. (offense, defense, etc.). State why you would like to join that coalition, something about that Coalition that caught your attention

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