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8 February, 2016, 8:47 PM UTC

we are looking for some good loyal players. we will help you grow and learn the game in return we expect you to help others to do the same. You will need to speak English and you have to participate in the coalition missions. We have a three day rule and you must sign in at least once every three days unless you contact one of us to inform us you will be off. We will help you grow as long as you are willing to help others too. Chat is the place to meet people and ask for help and it is encouraged. We work well together and do not tolerate bullies or attacking allies for any reason. So if you want to learn and grow we are here. You will not be able to get in with us through the embassy you will have to actually ask through a message.

Cheers and good luck!  

Contact me or one of our polemarchs.



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