Brute Squad is Recruiting - Free Bacon and Ambrosia

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23 November, 2015, 5:20 PM UTC

Hey Troops:

Brute Squad is currently recruiting serious, mature, and active daily players who are willing to work as a team and help their coalition members. The ability to communicate in English is vital to our organization. If you're a loner or solo player than you need not apply. We enjoy chatting as much as we enjoy playing the game.

Level 40 is currently required to join Brute Squad as a trainee. Members can expect to be promoted every 5 levels after that with the exception of the rank of Polemarch, which we reserve for a special council of dedicated and trusted players. As participation is a coalition mandate, members must inform the Hegemon if they're going to be gone for longer than 3 days because we generally eject non-active members without warning. Hope to see your application.

Good hunting...



Just kidding about the free lunch...

Everybody knows TANSTAAFL  :)

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25 November, 2015, 8:34 PM UTC
Archon Richthofen56 some more information might help prospective members choose, for example does your coalition hold any Pans, are you going to work towards acquiring and holding Pans? Is your coalition an offensive coalition with no wish to hold Pans but be a purely offensive team? Is your coalition in an Alliance, if so which one for example ATNA, Valor, KSA etc. 
Russell Healey
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