Black Sheep Squadron

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Twisted Sister
26 February, 2015, 1:58 PM UTC

The "Black Sheep Squadron" has a new coalition called the "Blacksheep Squadron2". We are training are members and leveling up are expansions for new members. We hope before long, we can start a new "Blacksheep Squadron3". The goal for this new 3rd coalition is to take the leveled up members from both the first and second coalitions, and put them in the new "blacksheep Squadron3". Once there, they will begin training in group attacks on enemies. As we expand our coalitions, we invite those to join in the fun. We are looking for level 30 players and higher to join.

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26 February, 2015, 5:47 PM UTC

As a polemarch for the Black Sheep Squadron, I look forward to those players who will join us as we grow together.

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26 February, 2015, 6:16 PM UTC

nice to see we are doing well

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26 February, 2015, 6:24 PM UTC

love our hedgemon, he's doing a pretty good job in my opinion :)

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26 February, 2015, 7:10 PM UTC

Hello everyone, I am new there ;)

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Capt. Morgan
27 February, 2015, 1:15 AM UTC

As leader of the "Blacksheep Squadron2", I can assure you it takes time and hard work to expand a coalition and help level up members. But the time it takes to make a great team is priceless.

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Sgt. York
27 February, 2015, 1:39 AM UTC

As an ambassador for the black sheep squadron, it is my job to make allies and help the coalition where I'm needed. As we are growing each day, I look forward to helping the new members learn the game and level up. If your an active player willing to get into coalition chat and help your fellow members, please send me an email I would be glad to help you get into our coalition.

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27 February, 2015, 2:08 AM UTC

I enjoy being a polemarch for the blacksheep squadron2. Being a new coalition it takes hard work to help get the new members into chat. But like all new coalitions that hurdle is soon overcome. Each day brings new challenges along with hope that we will unite as one.

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Dave Matts
27 February, 2015, 2:17 AM UTC

Hello all, recently joined. Look forward to playing w/you all.

Anything that I can do to help? Just let me know.

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27 February, 2015, 12:12 PM UTC

I welcome all the new members to the "Black Sheep Squadron" family. I'm here to help my members and are allies in any way I can. As we expand our coalition our members we be promoted into higher ranks to help those newer members level up. I look forward to playing the game with all my members and those of you who will be joining a growing coalition.

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27 February, 2015, 9:14 PM UTC

well well seems good so far

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28 February, 2015, 2:06 PM UTC

Hi all

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Twisted Sister
18 March, 2015, 12:02 PM UTC

Do not join the "black sheep squadron" or the "BlackSheep Squadron2". The original leader "IronHead" of the "Black Sheep Squadron" handed over the leadership to a polemarch named "Daria" while he was unable to be online. Upon his return to the game, he got rid of members no longer active. He noticed "Daria" had handed over his coalition to another polemarch named "Alurmic". When the new leader "alurmic" logged on that day, he seen that "IronHead" had removed non active members. At that point "Alurmic" threw "IronHead" out of his own coalition. The leader of the BlackSheep Squadron and the BlackSheep Squadron2 are the same person. He stole 2 coalitions from Ironhead and ironheads stepson. I ask you do not alley with them, but rather attack and siege them, as they are thiefs and traitors.

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19 March, 2015, 9:00 AM UTC

OK, twisted sister, ironhead, bloody bart, the duke and any of the other number of your names. You are MULTI ACCOUNTING and it is known that you have at least as many as 8 accounts, and very probably many more than that. Perhaps if any of the Plarium staff would like to look into this, plenty of evidence and eyewitnesses to your multi accounts can be found!

The truth of the matter is quite simple; this fool `rage quit` after his city was attacked, and hit in a political attack with a rival player. It appears that he lost pretty much all his army in this attack and so he spit his dummy and ran away, leaving his `beloved` coalition to fend for itself! At this time he quickly absolved himself of responsibility by handing over the hegemon position to a senior polemarch. As this particular person did not have the time to devote to her coalition duties (private reason) she asked me to help out by taking over from her. This I did.

During this period of about 8 days, many, many private messages of support and sympathy were sent to this ironhead/substitute any of his aliases here. No response at all was received and it was assumed he had left the game. All of a sudden, he reappeared on the scene, and arrangements were made for him to take control after the mandatory seven day waiting period. In the meantime, he was promoted to polemarch position; virtually as soon as he had taken the polemarch position, he went on the rampage promoting his `planted` non active alts and removing many of the players, who during his absence had rallied round trying to save the coalition from sinking into obscurity! These were good, genuine, helpful and honest players that, as I said had managed to keep the coalition together in times of severe adversity.

Once I noticed what was happening, I urgently messaged this rather unsavoury character, I even tried to speak to him as he was ranting and raving in the coalition chat. He totally ignored me on every occasion. I had no option ultimately, other than to `sideline` him for a while by demoting him to centurion and giving him the advice to `cool off` for a while! When he saw what I had done, he sent me both private and public messages filled with invective and threats! I did try to reason with the guy, but he just would not listen to any advice, and so once again, this crybaby `rage quit`his coalition! Nobody asked him to leave, nobody forced him to leave ... in fact, the very people he was removing during his temper tantrum, were those that had been sending him messages of support and asking him to return from his self imposed `exile` from the game.

Once he had left for the second time he went on a destructive tour of all our `friendly` and allied coalitions trying to turn them against this coalition. In fact at one stage, this very sad wretch sent a heart rending tale of his serious medical condition to many of the hegemons of these coalitions! Once again, this can all be substantiated and proved, as, like me, a lot of these people keep copies of their conversations and messages. essentially, in his little temper tantrum, he was trying to start and involve us in a war! Now for the most part ... the very most part in fact, the majority of the coalitions he tried to poison were extremely sympathetic and helpful towards us, once the full facts of this matter were explained both by myself and others in the coalition. To those people I salute your ability to see further than the rantings of a megalomaniac who felt he had been wronged, and to be able to discern truth and reality from fact and fiction:)

It really does show the measure of this man (he is 49 years old by the way) that he should wish to `air his dirty linen in public` so to speak. I had every opportunity to come here on these forums first in order to discredit this man. I chose not to do so. However, as he has opened a can of worms on this issue, I feel it necessary, if only for the sake of protecting the interests of the good, honest members of this coalition, to set the record straight.

My own personal feelings are that here is someone who seems to have difficulty in separating fact from fiction or truth from reality; he seems to have lost sight of the fact that this is only a game! As I mentioned before, it seems megalomania would best serve the purpose of describing him, but that friends, is for you to decide! It is a fact that he has since founded at least one, possibly more, coalition/s Delta force 1 being once such coalition! We do know he has joined as a member, more than one other coalition, so people, please be wary. This guy is a little scary to be honest!

Anyway, to those that read to the end of this missive, thank you and enjoy your game :)

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Helder Esteves
19 March, 2015, 10:39 AM UTC

Well said Almuric my friend.

I was there when all this mess happened with Ironhead and I can confirm all this Almuric said to be the truth. For those interested in this pitiful story...

Anyways, for those interested on a Coalition with straight good people and helpful to the death, BSS and BSS2 is open to good strong active members! come on in and be yourself a witness of how good and how fair we are!

Cheerio! :)

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19 March, 2015, 3:21 PM UTC

all is well

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Uncle Junior
19 March, 2015, 4:58 PM UTC

Twisted Sister, BloodyBart, Capt. Morgan, Sgt. York, Cleopatra and Ironhead are connected from the same IP. Having multiple accounts on the forums (forum rules) is forbidden as well as it is in game (in-game policies). Such violation may be subjected to regulatory actions.

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19 March, 2015, 10:29 PM UTC

I have no more to say..i will let our coalition's status and alliances to talk by themselves... alliances that are constructed and stabilized upon truth and trust!
I want to declare my support to hegemon, Almuric, and my friends, members of the BSS coalition, acceptors of insults and threats from one of the most insane person i have ever met!

"The captain goes down with the ship", and does not abandon it in distress!!!!!

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Sgt. York
26 March, 2015, 9:28 AM UTC

well what can I say about 2 players with several accounts ? the leader of the black sheep squadron "almuric" has another toon that was the leader of the black sheep squadron 2 called "ramilies". since this mess to place he has made himself a polemarch over there. so, mr. wonderful has some skeletons in his closet when it comes to having more then one account. then when move on to "daria". who by the way has/had another toon called "Kathy". which was in the black sheep squadron 2. You can sit here all day writing stuff about each other and it will not fix the problem. The bottom line is, they took a coalition away from someone that saved their coins to make the coalition. As far as throwing out members that were no longer playing, I was also there and saw it said last log in = long ago. So, as the true leader of the coalition I think Ironhead had every right to remove the inactive members. Here is an idea, if Almuric is so high on doing the right thing, why not make his own coalition and take all those members with him, giving back the black sheep squadron to Ironhead? I'll tell you why, because he is nothing more then a big mouth that says one thing and does the opposite. He should be in politics as he seems to be acting like one. Good luck almuric/ramilies and daria/kathy.

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26 March, 2015, 3:03 PM UTC

Really bitter and twisted aren't you sir? Do you actually have any kind of proof of multi accounting from my side? No, I think not. Nor indeed would Plarium were they to check. You see, you are just upset over your stupidity at being exposed here in the forums for all to see. Already the moderators here have seen proof of your many accounts all originating from a single ip address. One thing you have shown people for sure, is that you are a (not very accomplished) liar and a big crybaby and certainly by far; not the sharpest knife in the drawer! Let's face it. How many people would write messages in a public forum and then write two or three more messages under different guises praising oneself as a leader! You have been found out you fool, and the more you come crying and whining in the forums about your own self inflicted misfortunes, the more people are laughing at you!

If I were in your position, I think I'd slink silently away and hide myself. Not come in here every few days to expose myself to even more public humiliation and ridicule. However, as you seem hell bent on continuing to pursue the matter and are determined to get into a war of attrition with me; be warned, I am a wordsmith of some accomplishment and will destroy and shame you every time with reasoned rhetoric!




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