Your Mpire Needs You

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24 February, 2015, 10:36 PM UTC

Mpire2 - the academy for Mpire - is recruiting.

So if you are an active player, understand English (we have a skype text chat area - English is the common language - no speaking - just text), and will co-operate to achieve team goals, this could be your new home.

Over 18's please - our players have used strong language like "Gosh", "Oh dear" and so on after sucessful  raids or losing an army - we don't take offence and we don't try to cause it - so no children.

The other requirements are simple - play daily, or mail an officer if intending to go missing for a few days - don't attack our allies - and talk with/learn from our experienced players.

It's a game - you play it - not the other way around.

So apply now before we fill. Good Mpire2 players will be invited to swop up to the parent Mpire Coalition IF & WHEN there are vacancies.

So let's have fun out there - play nice or play safe.

You did put your troops in the Acropolis before reading this?

Or are you just feeling lucky?


Hegemon for Mpire2 

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26 February, 2015, 1:35 PM UTC

sounds good will copy to smurfsville2222

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5 March, 2015, 1:31 AM UTC

Our member list is now full.

Interested players can apply or mail in the game, we expect to have a small number of free spaces due to normal turnover of players.


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