Hell Forged Imperium

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22 September, 2015, 5:42 AM UTC

A new coalition looking for experienced members who have a knack for tactics and strategy. Minimum level to join at the moment is 20 but we are looking for anyone who is between levels 40 to 60 and higher as well. Those who are higher level will be considered for rank advancement depending on time in coalition and contributions. Unfortunately most coalitions are aggressive thus we need people who won't quit the game simply because they're kingdom has been sieged or constantly raided. That's part of the game. Communication is important between members and coalition leader. Everyone is important no matter if you are level 20 or level 70.


We believe that simply being in a coalition does not make you immune to attacks. The sad fact is this game is full of power hungry players and we need people who are able to be aggressive as well as smart. We are not into childish "assassin" attacks back and forth but instead we encourage players to learn when and how to attack. We do not encourage making enemies but when attacked we believe you have every right to respond accordingly. The myth that one can move up in this game without having to raid and siege is just that..a myth. 


If you want a coalition where you feel you won't be "forced" to do things and commanded to participate in events or ect. we are an easy going coalition that believes in "quality" not "quantity". Check us out and help us grow!

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