The Shadow of Rome seeks warriors!!!!

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6 September, 2015, 9:26 PM UTC

The Shadow of Rome is looking to recruit warriors. 

If you:

• are an active warrior;

• can work independently, but work well with brother warriors;

• understand the value of diplomacy;

• realize the importance of having a strong army; and,

• have achieved level 60 or higher……..join us in The Shadow of Rome!!!!!

Currently ranked in the low to mid-60’s, The Shadow of Rome is a coalition that offers many benefits to its coalition members. 

Chief amongst those benefits:

• comradery between brothers;

• coordination and management of coalition activities; and,

• the security of being a warrior in a strong coalition.

Join The Shadow of Rome if you are Pantheon minded and want to grow stronger under the cover of a strong coalition!

Minimum requirements:

• Level 60 or higher

• 2 Million Point Offence

• 1 Million Point Defense

Contact Greek Warrior for more information, or send your application to The Shadow of Rome!

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