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Fixed and Known issues - Updated 01.03.2018

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31 October, 2017, 4:17 PM UTC

In this section, you will find a list of bugs that have been already reported to our developers. You will also find a list of issues that have already been resolved. If you notice that an issue marked as resolved is still malfunctioning, please let us know by commenting on the relevant thread.

The following issues have been fixed since the last update:

  1. Troubles with the counter of Raid Attempts while “Extra Raid Attempts” event takes place;
  2. Incorrect Units Carrying Capacity indicator in the battle report;
  3. Incorrect Caravan Carrying Capacity on the Market;
  4. Unclickable images of Pantheons and Coalition Capitals;
  5. Wheel of Fortune discount “55% for all units” (players could not use it);
  6. Button “Reinforcements” in the Emporia window was missing;
  7. Lots of other visual improvements.

Issues that have been already forwarded to the developers:

  1. Occupied Cities stop producing resources after the Reinforcements are sent. A player has to choose a type of produced resources again. 
  2. The sum of General Equipment bonuses does not coincide the actual indicator: thread
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