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Receive Dominion Points in Various Game Events!

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15 January, 2015, 1:18 PM UTC


Your City and Army are becoming more powerful every day, but it is not enough – you must take advantage of Dominion Points if you wish to come out on top in the war against Xerxes.

All true Archons know that once they collect enough Dominion Points, they may activate Dominion Status and take advantage of the powerful bonuses! Before, players could only receive Dominion Points from logging in each day, but by royal decree, that is now changing.

From this day forth, all Archons can earn Dominion Points from many different game events!

You can now earn Dominion Points by completing:

Global Quests
PvP Quests
Capturing Deposits
Battles with the Persian Army
Campaign Missions, etc.

ATTENTION! The Gods have changed the number of Dominion Points required to advance through Dominion Levels!

Remember: as your total Dominion Points increase, so too will your Dominion Level and the power of those accompanying bonuses when your Dominion Status is activated. The higher your Dominion Level, the greater your rewards!

Play your part in the fight for Hellas and participate in battles all across the lands to earn Dominion Points and achieve greatness!

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