Rule of thumb for PP levels given each day

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20 June, 2017, 6:24 AM UTC

Is there a rule of thumb that has pretty much stayed true over the long term, for how Plarium decides to give you positions each day to replenish the completed ones from the previous day?

In particular, I am curious about the getting new positions at the low levels (level 20 or lower).

Here are some possible algorithms as straw men arguments:

1) You have to clear all positions up to some level number to get new positions the next day that are below that level number?

2) Once you clear a position of a certain level, you can never get new positions below a certain level
3) This is proprietary and talking about it here may cause you to be banned 

4) Fill in the blank

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20 June, 2017, 6:47 AM UTC

Alfred E. Neuman said:


3) This is proprietary and talking about it here may cause you to be banned 


Not at all :-). Unless you are a Plarium employee divulging such proprietary information, all this is, is an interesting discussion. The trouble IMO, and the reason for players being admonished or even banned, is that debates become heated and folks sometimes say things that they wouldn't even think of saying in an RL discussion. It's fine to disagree, and if everyone stays civil and respectful we're all good, but when it gets down to "You s*ck, you NA*Is" then we gotta draw a line :-). If a player implies to their discussion partner that there hasn't been a marriage in their family for three generations then I'm afraid a mod will step in ;-). 

But regarding the subject-matter: I once tracked 2.000 smites in the Phylarch battles to discern what the chances are of getting a 0%, 20% or 40% result. Perhaps someone could spend a few hours tracking 100+ or so position refreshes and gather some data as to the frequencies and distribution of completed positions vs. new positions.

Nice question, let's see what folks post in response.


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20 June, 2017, 8:59 PM UTC

It would be nice to know for sure.

I *think* it works something along the following lines:

1: There is a maximum number of positions that are available.

2: Once a position has been created, it will never disappear (or be replaced by another one), unless you beat that position.

3: You have a lowest and a highest position level. 

- The highest is obviously one level up from the strongest you've beaten. 

- I'm not sure how the lowest one is set, but it does increase with your highest position. 

- The lowest one appears to be (constantly) around 30 levels lower than my highest one.

4: The game tries to give you an even spread of positions between your lowest and highest, but it is limited by the requirements in 1 and 2 above.

So, if you have few positions in a certain level range (example in levels 30-40), then it may help to go and clear positions in a level range that you have many off (example go and clear 20-30), so that the positions board can "refresh" back to its state of equal spread of positions between your lowest and highest level.

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