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Nuno Paiva
6 April, 2017, 7:13 PM UTC

We can open 6 slots max, but the bonus that we can activate are many. 

What are the most used bonuses for you Archon? The ones that you never change ...

What are your favorites?

Archons, inspire the new Warriors 

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6 April, 2017, 7:37 PM UTC

95% of the time, I keep it simple, with reinforcements and development at the core:

This includes:

  • the training speed skills for the four troop types (light, heavy, phalanx and cavalry)
  • the "skill discovery" and "agreement" speed skills

All of the above are free, I can, therefore, keep these running regardless of available marks.

In times of conflict, I'll rotate in ...

  • city defence bonus
  • instant offensive bonus
  • instant defensive bonus

... as replacements for the last two.

Currently, I'm working on upgrading the "instant unit" bonuses which seem promising to quickly upgrade troop counts (if one has saved up the necessary marks).

What I use very seldom are:

  • resource and other production bonuses, since I've kept upgrading production buildings diligently and am usually not short on resources.
  • Phylarch skills such as "Phylarch points" and "aether replenishment" since my Phylarch point count is high and it seems more or less impossible to use up one's points unless one begins boosting skill discovery.
  • Construction speed bonus since many of my building upgrades now demand sketches and these are difficult to come by, often leaving one or more artisans cashing in their weekly unemployment checks :-)



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7 April, 2017, 7:28 AM UTC
I currently have Phylarch Points boost, Aether replenishment, Timber Production, Bronze Production, City Defence and Unit Speed, am in the process of rebuilding to keep up with my PvP addiction, when PvP goes live though I swap in all the off bonuses I can on everything :)
History is written by the victors
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7 April, 2017, 6:08 PM UTC
IP, is it not worth putting in the point boost and aether during phylarch tourneys, to get more points in the tourney? Or do those bonuses not increase one's tourney points? TIA
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7 April, 2017, 7:25 PM UTC

Ike said:

IP, is it not worth putting in the point boost and aether during phylarch tourneys, to get more points in the tourney? Or do those bonuses not increase one's tourney points? TIA

If I don't forget to activate my Phylarch periodically, I am always earning more points than I am able to spend unlocking and upgrading skills, therefore any boost is useless to me …

… but that's largely due the advantage I have being able to logon every couple of hours throughout the day, including at work, to do so. If one can only do so mornings and evenings, then it might be worth activating the Phylarch Points Boost in order to run out of Phylarch points.

The handful additional Phylarch points gained through tournaments just add to my above points count which I cannot spend fast enough anyway (unless I boost skill discovery, but I use my boosts for other chores). TBH I never even considered that the Points Boost might also raise the points scored at a tournament, simply because I don't need them in that quantity anyway, but well picked up Ike :-). The description for the Phylarch Points Boost skill on the "Skills" tab seems to indicate that it only applies to challengers, so I doubt that it raises tourney rewards (but IDK this for a fact).



PS: By extension, all of the above would also apply to the Aether Replenishment Boost since that's just another way to score additional points against challengers more quickly.


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7 April, 2017, 8:02 PM UTC
Thanks. Though I'm still new (about 7 weeks), I already have more P points than I can use. But as a new player, the other 'prizes' won from the Phylarch Tourneys are well worth it to me (drachmae, etc.), so anything that raises my tourney score is well worth it for me. :)
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