How do you report an alt and prove it

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28 February, 2017, 12:49 PM UTC

Trajan said:

Had an interesting PM about this issue...

I'll paraphrase:

Plarium 'policy" is not to allow alts. However, from a legal perspective (meaning consumer and commercial law), a player that pays for a service, cannot be denied that service. If they are denied that service, then they are entitled to a full refund of any monies spent. 

Plarium is a multinational company, and profits are important. Why would Plarium shut down an account that is purchasing its products or services.

Plarium cannot actually ban alts that purchase any of their products without providing a refund.

Plarium is headquartered in Israel, and subject Israeli corporate law. See company Terms of Use.

The way I interpret this...Plarium can ban alts, but if Plarium have been paid  by the alt any money (i.e purchased any in-game products), then Plarium must provide the alt with a refund if the account is deleted.

So no point in reporting alts because Plarium would lose money (on alts that pay for in-game stuff)... Plarium may as well shoot themselves in the foot.

The legal stuff way above my head, but it sort of makes sense.

Alts are here to stay...

Plarium will probably delete this post/blog.


It's only up to you whether to report alts or not. But if you stay silent about them, we can't know that there are players violating our rules and we can't take the necessary measures. 

We do want our players to report any in-game violations. Unfortunately, not in all cases players provide us strong evidence.
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