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The terrible demise of the Sparta cash cow.

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5 February, 2017, 1:39 AM UTC

First it is almost impossible to grow a coalition with the way the game is setup today. A small coalition is unable to upgrade the capital because some other coalition with a higher capital level and more troops will raid the capital (some players alone have 200+ million size armies). The risk increases for a huge loss because coalitions with higher capital levels have greater advantages in a fight and will likely raid the capital to take the flag during the capture the flag tournament for the bonuses or from other tournaments. Also new players are being started on the new server and not the old one making recruiting very difficult for small coalitions and therefore not able to get enough contributors to a large defense.Those new members that do start a city on the old server try to join a larger coalition but get refused because they don't meet the requirements so they join a small coalition only to loose troops many times to players from larger coalitions and they react to this by leaving the game. Eventually the larger coalitions should get bored of fighting each other or from not fighting each other, and being exposed to the losses from renegade coiners with huge armies will increase the number of players leaving causing a cascading failure. If I am wrong with my logic please explain why in your response.

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5 February, 2017, 8:56 AM UTC

About growing, yes it's hard to grow up you coalition that's why you need to go slowly.. no need to buildup your capital right away.. wait some time and build up capital later.. If you upgrade your cap to lvl5 no need to defend cap because it can't be downgraded.. soonly good strategy and thinking..

About new players, yes it's hard to have new players but they are still comming to play, not all are going on s2.

With good diplomacy everything is possible. Merging is best way to create big and strong coalition today. Let's say 3 coalitions with 100 members(let's say 50 members are activ only), with that you can create one big coalition  with 160 members, just use diplomacy skills and agree transfer/merging players from one to other coalition.

This is strategy game,use your diplomacy skills and make your own strategy Archon 
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