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Why won't you answer my ticket complaint ?????????

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22 January, 2017, 11:07 PM UTC

I have posted 3 tickets to support over various issues.  Not one resolution.  My latest was 'Units lost at Pantheon'.   After a small attack on our pantheon, the battle report showed I had lost 6 units.  Prior to this attack my defense statistics at the pan were closely monitored by myself and I know what my total was, and had been for weeks.  After the said small attack, the statistics showed I had lost over 200,000 value in defense units which is absolute rubbish. 

Once again Plarium has referred me to this site with absolutely no explanation.  This is the response I received;

Removed. Please check our Forum rules (3.16) - I want my units reinstated.

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23 January, 2017, 7:51 AM UTC
the statistics show what you have lost compared to the same time the previous week so if in the 7 days previous you had played Persians, hit Emporia, defended your or another city etc those losses would be included 
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