The Lie of Balance in the Game

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15 January, 2017, 3:10 PM UTC
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I understand the players using what plarium gives them and allowes them to use are not to blame.

i completely agree with you that the balance is gone.

Yes spending money should give advantage thats what this game is based on.

but the advantage gets way to bigg and takes away al strategy in the game.

I am not blaming the players at all. there is no strategy at all, they hit all the pan holders, they bullied the whole server and they did it just by virtue of the fact they spent a ton of money. Many are taking about not playing anymore that is the result of this huge imbalance that plarium has allowed.

players are saying that these guys works for plarium

and really its a hollow victory, no skill and no strategy anyone with a ton of money to burn could have done this after playing the game for a month.

i know these guys very well and they do not work for plarium i can assure you ! they just have very very very deep pockets and are willing to spend a lot of money to be the best in the game.  i do understand the feelings grom others because well not a lot off people can spend those amounts on a game...

As I said before I don't blame them, but it hardly makes them the best in the game. Your comments, and we have we have agreed in most part in what we have written, show that the only people that pretend to not know the game is pay to win is plarium. its just dishonest and treats players like they are stupid. its also creating a path where your friends will be the only ones playing and they will have nothing to smash.
you are right and if they are the only ones left they will be gone immidiatly so plarium should realise the only reason they have these big coiners in game is because ther are many other players around... as soon as ther is nothing to achieve anymore they get bored and move on for sure
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