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19 December, 2016, 2:25 PM UTC

After playing the game for some time now and witnessed the huge imbalance that exists I will try to make some suggestions that will not "ruin" the core "pay to win" aspect of this game but will bring some balance and maybe will encourage some of the other players to put some money in this.

1) Troops limit

The limit for attack now is 200.000 grain points. 

Make 200.000 the total amount of troops that an archon can have(def, off and scouts all together)

This  troops' limit is high enough and with the right strategy everyone can have them.  

This will bring back strategy, because all players will have to carefully make decisions about how they will build their armies and we won't witness again guys with more troops than whole big coalitions..

Many players already have more troops than that, so they wont be able to build, revive or buy troops until they will be under the limit..

Coalitions will have to make decisions about off and def troops and type since this will be crucial now..

Folks that think that putting money in this game is like burning them, because a huge guy can just attack a capital and wipe out all their troops will now be more motivated to spend some money to reach the limit.

Pantheons will be more important part of the game(veterans cost less) and harder to hold them due to less troops, which will result to more epic battles, strategy and diplomacy..

If this is implemented then you should also increase the members that can be part of a coalition attack, so it would be possible to take down a capital or pantheon..

2) Agreements-troops building time

I understand that plarium's strategy is to make everything taking to long, so players will put money to accelerate process but there should be another way to promote skill.. 

Make it able to spend 2 times the res a unit or agreement costs and they will be completed in half time. 

This will encourage skill and low lvl player won't quit because they will see that they need 3 years to be competitive, but if they spend some time and improve their skills they could do it faster.. Bigger level players will have to make strategic choices on where to spend the more res..

3)Relocation pools

Relocation pools is a good addition to the game but it provides a huge tactical advantage to coiners, because they are very expensive for in-game currency but they are part of most buying deals in huge amounts.. Every player should have the opportunity to move his city close to his coa or another point of the map for less than 4k drachmas. Make first one available for 1/4 of that money.

Introduce a temporary relocation pool, which will cost significantly less (800 drachmas) and will move your city to an area for 2-8 hours and you will be moved back to initial position after it expires. In that case incoming attacks wont be returned back, but they will continue to arrive to new destination.

I didn't add these suggestions to the suggestion thread because i believe there should be a real discussion about them and other players could add some ideas for the strategic aspect of this game, which doesn't seem to be plarium's priority..

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19 December, 2016, 3:43 PM UTC

fully support suggestions N 2 and N3 

they will make the game far more attractive BUT will cause plaruim to lose money. So  your proposition will be dumped to the bin and not even considered...

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Community Manager
20 December, 2016, 12:14 PM UTC

Hi! Please add your suggestions to "Your Suggestions" thread. But first, I recommend you to read this short article: :)

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