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17 December, 2016, 12:52 AM UTC

Being a serious SWOE player requires a substantial time investment.

Please don’t waste it by multiplying micromanagement tasks.  

The screen update time is infuriatingly slow most days so adding features that take time loading and require more clicks and more frequent visits just steals our time and reminds us every day how much time we have wasted on this ridiculous game. Maybe not something Plarium should be encouraging Customers to think about?

Please stop this trend.  It does not add anything to the game.  It’s not fun to visit the Amphitheater every 3 hours, it’s not fun to break thousands of equipment items into pieces, it’s not fun to click several 100 Divine Quests every week.

Some level of management may be required to keep players involved but when the game becomes nothing but micro-management it will die.  Maybe your next feature should be a tax office in each city that you have to visit hourly to file detailed IRS forms so you can keep some of your Drachmas… That would be one exciting feature.


Some suggestions:

Add a breaking queue for equipment.  Having to pay for a blacksmith so I can bypass a seriously tedious part of the game is an insult.

Combine tasks to reduce operations, for example give me a screen where I can see all three divine quests queues together so I can collect and start them without having to move in an out of sub-screens

Add a pop-up where all my friends appear together (12 columns x 8 rows) so I don’t have to use the clumsy sliding menu bar at the bottom of the screen to visit specific cities.

Create a pop-up with all four military buildings together and a visual representation of each building’s unit queue so I can quickly see where to allocate my resources.

Create a “resource” collection screen where all 13 collection locations are visible together (5 timber, 5 bronze, 3 protectorates) with a “Collect All” button.

Place more poke fields in friends city screens so there is more incentive to visit them.  In addition  to Heroes, Tribute and Tower Repair there could be Denarii to be collected at the Argentarium and bonus Aether (or those little square thingies) at the Amphitheaters.  I am not looking for more operations but if I have to use time to scroll around every friend-city screens make it worth more.  Move some of the required operations to the city screens… for example place the divine quests as icons randomly found on friendly-city screens.

Fix the phantom Tribute… this has been a bug forever and wastes a lot of playing time when you have to clear 6-7-8 layers of bogus Tribute.

Make the poke-fields location under the tribute icons consistent so collection is not this irritating hit and miss operation…

Eliminate the direct jump from the friend menu bar to his coalition info screen… I don’t see a need for this feature yet it happens regularly and unpredictably and takes a lot of time to load before you can close it and go back to what you were doing. 

Just a few random ideas.  I am sure there are 100s more.


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17 December, 2016, 5:59 PM UTC
Cool suggestions
I'm just Time Lord....
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19 December, 2016, 12:26 PM UTC
Hi! We're constantly working on game improvements! Thank you for your ideas. Could you please add them to Your Suggestions thread? I will gladly answer on each one of them there.
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19 December, 2016, 2:42 PM UTC

There's too much clicky stuff...elixir, tributes, divine quests, res buildings, phylarch etc.  I have stopped collecting tribute from any city but my own, so I maybe saved from getting carted off to local mental institution with breakdown due to repetative click-click overdose. It's made even worse by if you click too fast on bronze/lumbers or tribute, then they won't have physically counted and you'll have to refresh page and wait for everything to reload to click again.

Phylarch ranks as one of worst things plarium ever come up with for sparta...not only the having to come back every few hours or lose pace, but to have to complete string in set order, got to get lvl10 on things you don't want or ever plan to activate just to move down through the 2nd section. Much why I disliked and quickly quit nords as they have similar thing there and even city buildings had to follow preset order plan.

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