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didnt recieve influence points properly

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3 December, 2016, 1:10 PM UTC

my coalition took over pantheon # 8 (new server) raised it up to next level and absolutely received no influence for the pantheon  or the upgrade . for reason why is beyond us. our coa has had issues before  about gaining  achievements and now we are not gaining influence for conquering pans and upgrading them. just feels strange to have a pan, and get no influence  for it at all. something may be wrong here, because when I mouse over the influence numbers it shows  zero points for territory held, even though we have had the pan now for some time      influence for held territory should not say zero when you hold a pantheon something is not right there

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3 December, 2016, 7:01 PM UTC

You probably have only 1 bar of teritorry (cube) so that's why, like on picture under (photo: example of coallition who have only 1 cube of teritorry and 0 influence).

If you have 1 cube - it's base teritorry so that's it does not count, if you have 2+ cubes of teritorry you will get influence. 
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