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190 million invested in Xerxes and still no payout at lvl 138?

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24 November, 2016, 12:00 AM UTC

jgvrolijk85rsa said:

Aaagh Kakos ... whine-whine-whine as usual. 

At best you have me confused for someone else, at worst you're just slinging mud..

About the rest of your post;

"If you read the forums you will know that Moderators will not let you in on the secrets of Persian Positions, because Plarium does not want that"

Your "conspiracy theories" are just nonsense..

"The post from Nuno was as respectful as you'll ever get on any forum"

Posting in a thread of someone who just lost 198m and saying that winning in PPs is "VERY SIMPLE" is quite callous, insensitive and totally disrespectful IMHO. Adding insult to injury, instead of offering some advise he comes up with homilies like "play with your brain, not your heart", thank you Mother Teresa..

"Also, and others have said this to you before, please keep your apparent self-esteem issues out of the forums, and don't take it out on perfectly good people. Your sense of entitlement is worse than that of African Politicians ... or on par. Get a grip please."

WOW! Maybe you would like to elaborate on my apparent self-esteem issues, please!

Finally - ignoring your African Politicians crap- what exactly do you see as my "sense of entitlement"??

Although I would welcome any advice on how to play the game better in general, I don't ask for any help on anything and the reason is this:

I am lvl 83, I'm not in any coa, I don't compete with anyone and I don't really care if I get to lvl 84 next month or next year.. lol

My attitude to the game is even more simple.. if I like an update I use it and if I don't I just ignore it!

I might post a comment about something but I DO NOT "whine-whine" because -I'm sure controversially- as far as I am concerned is Plarium's game and they can do whatever they like -period!

I am a coiner BY CHOICE and play the game because I enjoy doing so, when I don't anymore I will stop playing, WITHOUT ANY REGRETS

To summarize your post: “Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.”

Vae victis
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24 November, 2016, 5:15 PM UTC

Archons, you just forgot that before Mod, i´m a simple player, just like EVERYONE else.

Plarium DON´T SHARE the mechanism of PP´s with any mod, All i know from PP´s I do not owe 2 seconds to plarium.

I just left here in this topic my opinion, now its up to you to believe or not.

The ones that i will teach what i learned, are the members of my coalition, thats for sure.

I have nothing else to add in this topic

Best regards

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24 November, 2016, 7:51 PM UTC

pk I think that's enough now, I am locking this post, as has already been posted, Moderators are not given the mechanics of how to play PP's 

if you are on facebook here is a link to an excellent group

good luck in your endeavors against Xerxes :) 
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