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List of implemented bugfixes

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21 April, 2015, 10:55 AM UTC


The Ephores have prepared a report on the work that has been done while you were engaged in battle.

Here is the list of bugfixes that have been implemented:

1) If you have more than 9,999 Units in the War Council, the number will be shown in full, without the use of the letter "k" to represent thousands of Units.

2) Bonuses applied to your Units are now displayed when they are in the Acropolis.

3) When sending several Units of the same type on a Raid or a Siege, their characteristics, number and speed will now be displayed.

4) Units’ travel time to a Pantheon is now displayed correctly in the “Send” window.

5) Units are now highlighted correctly in the War Council.

6) When taking a screenshot of your Battle Report, you now have the option not to display your own troops.

7) Troop selection in the "Send" window will no longer be reset upon the arrival or return of other troops to your City.

8) Troops now interact correctly with all Champion Units.

Important! In order to see the bonuses your troops benefit from in the War Council, you need set the filter to "My".

Thank you for your patience, Archons! And may the great gods bless you as you rise to glorious new feats!

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