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Invitation to plarium decision makers

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Rotterdam Hand in Hand
21 October, 2016, 8:15 PM UTC

Dear plarium decision makers,

I would like to ask you to contact me on Skype: contact: Rott hob 

I would like to invite you to discuss some valid points and this with a select group of representatives from out our sparta community 

We can all lower communication level on these forums which is not the way to Come to a solution or an understanding.

We have a common goal which is to get the People back in game and to ensure some good game pleassure for us gamers Thanks in advance for your kind and positive reaction 

Best Regards, 

Rotterdam - House of Batiatus

Skype: Rott hob 

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21 October, 2016, 8:56 PM UTC

Dear Plarium Execs and Decision Makers:

I also plead with you, as Rott did, to meet with us.  We can promise the discussion will be conducted professionally and with respect for Plarium.  Our representatives have very valid points that we would like to discuss with you. 

Please show faith in your players and agree to meet with us.  None of us want to watch teammates and friends leave the game.  We want to try to stop this from happening!

Best Regards,

LadyTrish - Kracken

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21 October, 2016, 9:49 PM UTC

  Then react on Plarium Games forum like all the rest. And if you have sugestions to improve the game, well you can place them in the propit topic so that every other player can see them also. 

You have problems with top players and none top players ? 

You have problems with top coalitions and none top coalitions ? 

You both agree that all the players are the same and that they may be none difference based on ras, religion, rank, and so on ....   ?

Well then have your conversations also for everyone the same and specially not use other channels 

You may(Lady trish and Rotterdam) respect Plarium, but I did also all the time.... and I shall always do and the lawyers from Plarium Games shall make a point when one of their rights should not been respected by me  ...

But I self never asked to go private with Plarium Games. I never asked that Plarium Games would use other channels then their own gamechannels. 

So what agreement you both can made that all would go 'professional ', if you would have to use other channels not provided by Plarium Games  ?  

As player you can do that in verry special circumstances ....  Of course not to make a difference between all Plarium Games company users. 

And specially not if you would proclaim to be able to talk about gameellements that influence more then only your gameaccount. 

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21 October, 2016, 10:12 PM UTC

Dear Plarium And Decision Makers,

I am here and agree with my fellow coal members Rott and Trish. We are all professional leaders and represent our LS/I.F.S team members voice. We are hoping Plarium will listen our voice and give us positive feedback. 

You may joins us on Skype or any communication channel would you prefer. You will see us there! 

Kind Regards,

Farhan - lost souls - International federation of Sparta 

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21 October, 2016, 10:20 PM UTC

Plarium Games shall never do. 

Specially of course when you point out that you are all professional leaders. Then Plarium Games as a professional company shall stick to their own channel where they have the legal rights over it.... That is the forum and the gamesupports tickets. 

And it only prooves you know nothing about professional leadership, even you claime it. Probably as an ingame result , but that has nothing to do with being "professional " or not. 

For Plarium Games, being 'professional' means as company, so they only use the game provided communication channels.

Strange that all these top coalition leaders (calls themselves even professionals) can't  see this, doesn't know this and doesn't act on it like it should. 

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21 October, 2016, 11:00 PM UTC

Hi Plarium decision makers, for I'd say love the game ...second i'm hating the have done good changes to Sparta....but worst on other things that have made it difficult for non-coiners to enjoy this game ...i'm also considering in leaving this game and go back to xbox or playstation that are collecting dust ever since I joined Sparta,....I implore you fix the problem you created before you lose what you have created for all of us ... by the record numbers of your loyal consumers leaving Sparta, please meet with Rott on Skype.    thank you for your time and effort.  

Santiago: ( Coalition Stronghold )

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21 October, 2016, 11:21 PM UTC

All you top players can demand anything you wish and threaten with anything you wish.

Bottom line is that Plarium isn't impressed by it. Even if the top coa's players al quit, thousands of others would remain and could take over the top positions.

So stop wasting your time, these are the Plarium rules, if you don't like it just find a new game.


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21 October, 2016, 11:25 PM UTC
I do not find it logical people to ask for private hearing .Things should be in public, like a public chat Q/A or something that everybody can see what it is said there. 
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Melchizedek L.O.P.
21 October, 2016, 11:26 PM UTC
That was one of the most childish things I have ever heard . . . Shame on you.
Melchizedek ben Yahuah
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Melchizedek L.O.P.
22 October, 2016, 12:08 AM UTC
All 26 coalitions in League of Peers Federation, stand behind HOB and Kracken . . . Meaning Rottedam and Lady Trish.
Melchizedek ben Yahuah
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22 October, 2016, 12:14 AM UTC

Prometheus said:

I do not find it logical people to ask for private hearing .Things should be in public, like a public chat Q/A or something that everybody can see what it is said there. 

Starting the topic on non-public way is in your best interest. 

Take this opportunity.

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22 October, 2016, 12:46 AM UTC

Melchizedek L.O.P. said:

All 26 coalitions in League of Peers Federation, stand behind HOB and Kracken . . . Meaning Rottedam and Lady Trish.

They can never speak on the behave of the players community , no matter even how many allies they would have. 

Thats the difference with what  I do...  I don't rely on the community ;-)

And I don't ask at all for any favor, including the use of another gamers discussion platform .  

If I refer to another platform, then it's a 'rule of law' platform, and even that is  public accesible ;-)

So indeed like moderator Promethus mentioned, for everyone accesible :-) like it should. No backrooms agreements or backroom answers . All open and clear from and for everyone from the start. 
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22 October, 2016, 3:35 AM UTC

What Rott and Trish are requesting is much different than what Hundigo and Promethus are proposing. If Rott and Trish were to come to terms and post on the forum, there is the risk of the messages getting side-tracked (as Hundigo as already effectively demonstrated), and it then becomes a list of DEMANDS. A public forum is not suitable for an organized discussion between representatives.

Believe me, I am all for openness and transparency; and I think that some sort of transcript or minutes of the private meeting between Rott/Trish and Plarium would be great. That private meeting though is what would be needed if it were to be a meaningful DISCUSSION. Look at it from a business perspective... If I own stock in a company, that doesn't mean that I sit in on board meetings or even stockholder meetings; there are far too many stockholders for that to effectively work. Instead there are proxies and elected officials sent to attend and mediate on your behalf. To that end, if you feel that Rott/Trish don't represent your interests, that is fine, and maybe there should be a handful of additional representatives at the meeting.

If you want all players to have a vote, great! A vote is a completely different idea, and a vote can be laid forth after the discussions. Plarium can hear concerns from Rot/Trish/any other representatives, weigh them and then present their proposals back to all players to vote on. That way everyone has a chance to be heard and involved.

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22 October, 2016, 5:15 AM UTC
The idea behind it is to list our concerns and features of the game we dont like it wont just be Rott and LadyTrish but a group of about 10 people to represent all coals large and small big players, small players, coiners, non-coiners etc. It would be very un beneficial to open this up to the masses as like the skype channel to much info gets lost. So if you have concerns questions that you want answered please let one of the chosen few who will represent the masses know. I would suggest sending info to Rott or LadyTrish to compile the list that we all want addressed
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22 October, 2016, 5:46 AM UTC

I'd like to reply to the various comments.  

First, no where in my post did I say that the proposed meeting or discussion was going to be with Me, or with Rott. If you bothered to read what was posted, it said that "our representatives" have valid points they would like to discuss.  A committee would be meeting with them.  Much thought went into who should be part of that committee. A broad representation from large, small coalitions.  

Second, if Plarium management would do this in the forum, that would be great.  No disrespect for the "Moderators", but we would all like to talk to the decision making management.  Moderators are hard working but they do not make the decisions at Plarium.  This is why a meeting was suggested in Skype.  A voice call could also be done there where all the representatives could speak.  This is not possible in a forum.

Third, the points that we wanted to discuss are the most widely mentioned on the Skype channel which is open to all Sparta. There are hundreds of coalitions represented there. All have made their thoughts known regarding what they are so upset about.  They are all united.  This is where the list was compiled from. It has nothing to do with any single coalition.  I am sure that if a meeting could be set up, no one would have any problem spelling out all details here in the  forum.  No one is trying to hide anything and no one is working on their own self interests.  


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Rotterdam Hand in Hand
22 October, 2016, 5:47 AM UTC


Exactly.... As in real life business 

Its the way to accomplish something and move forward 

So Dear prometheus,

Please inform the managers and discuss our request 

Some of the top customers are strongly considering to drop your service and want to explain why and for what reasons 

These loyal customers are escalating to your management and trust me That 

A real life sales manager would be pleased with such a message because he could avoid loosing them and turn things around 

Dear plarium sales manager please contact me on Skype at: Rott Hob 

Thanks in advance 

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22 October, 2016, 5:59 AM UTC

hi rott,

maybe it would be agood idea to send a mail to leonidas (the admin of this forum/game)

i think he might have direct contact with the dev's and such, i send previous complaints to him and he responds (not like 90% of the forum mods who don't even bother replying or just block you when you send any form of critism)

just an idea, for the rest, try to get the attention of alyona, she is the community manager and the highest in rank on this forum so whe might have more influence and might lissen to you when you break thrue her stereotype storys she tells, but you can't directly contact her as she blocked mails to her, so try to draw her into this post

i'm just hellping oout with what i learned about the forum in the last year

what also helps is sending your request in a support file, somethimes that helps to get in touch with game dev's, but not sure but worth the try

regards DES
Sic Semper Tyrannis
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Melchizedek L.O.P.
22 October, 2016, 6:11 AM UTC

If our Hosts, would truly listen, they would see all except Europe are on board . . . One member from each Federation, should be suitable to involved parties .  Plarium believes we are here for Plarium . .. They need to know, we play for each other . .. Rott and Trish were and are Chosen and respected by all Sparta . . . Only DI may be more well known . . . What I am hearing is bad business. Have arrogant children answer for Plarium is plain Did-honorable . .. One said, "Go ahead and leave, 1000s will take your place."   Then another claims that is good business  . . . Where, in Russia . . . It is Heart breaking, to see those that have been raised with Oppression, do such to others . .

   Father would be Ashamed to claim such ..  .. Selah .
Melchizedek ben Yahuah
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Melchizedek L.O.P.
22 October, 2016, 6:14 AM UTC

Why not post on Support site ?

Melchizedek ben Yahuah
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Grutte Pier
22 October, 2016, 6:52 AM UTC

I fully agree with Trish and Rotterdam !!!

Tania: you are a member of wich coalition?
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