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Open letter to Plairum

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21 October, 2016, 9:37 PM UTC
Hundigo said:

Rotterdam Hand in Hand said:

Your opinion is allowed but i truly dont care to much about it 

You know why?


Something what People do Who are serious 

Really ? How come you was never serious before ? I wrote topics, more then 4 months before...  I saw none reaction from your side..... 

I've been banned from Plarium Games for it .... also more then 4 months .... saw never of any reaction from the so called forumusers from it....

Now you are here ?  

Do  I have to repeat the difference between my lines on the forum and yours ? I can have it , even you take the last days as example. 

I can afford me to go in the clinch( even a juridiscal official clinch) with Plarium Games as company. 

You can't at all, you can only repeat for a dialogue for something Plarium Games can't reverse it at all anymore, even they would concider it self it was a totally wrong gamedecission. 
enlighten me what is your opinion..cause plarium search sucks and cant find or remember what you proposed ?
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21 October, 2016, 10:38 PM UTC

You was in the past enough on the forum Gorgo, so I don't have to enlighthen you about my opinion .  

I'm the only one that crosses that bridge against Plarium Games , but all the rest is only intrested in the result so they can have the benefits from it. 

For your example Gorgo; you have a coalitionmember that is also moderator. You gonna tell here now, you never knew he wasn't correct at all as moderator ? 
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21 October, 2016, 10:54 PM UTC
Hundigo said:

You was in the past enough on the forum Gorgo, so I don't have to enlighthen you about my opinion .  

I'm the only one that crosses that bridge against Plarium Games , but all the rest is only intrested in the result so they can have the benefits from it. 

For your example Gorgo; you have a coalitionmember that is also moderator. You gonna tell here now, you never knew he wasn't correct at all as moderator ? 
my coalition moderators are mostly quiet what they dont like lol...but i know you hate him lol
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22 October, 2016, 1:07 AM UTC

it's not that I hate him. 

it's the point he abused his powers from the first moment he became officially a moderator. Before he really answered the players with their concernns of the game. But from the moment he became officially moderator he started to insulted them as the most dummest people on the earth. Even these players had the same gamequestions as before. 

He was longtime active on the english forum, but after all the upsettings he did on the english forum he became more active on the french forum. Surprisely he has the same problems over there what he has on the english forum with me but then with the other french players/ forumusers. 

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22 October, 2016, 4:43 AM UTC
hi, whats this?
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22 October, 2016, 6:34 AM UTC

I like to coin but i see a growing rift between coiners and non coiners.  There needs to be some limitations on what coiners can do to keep this game remotely level.  There need to be some upgrades that just cant be bought.  I know you guys have to make a buck or there wouldnt be a game in the first place but i just dont see what your long term plan is with this "free" game aside from the obvious.  A response of some kind to show that you guys are human would be nice for us.  Many of us feel the same and just a few small changes would make a difference.


Lost Souls
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22 October, 2016, 8:56 AM UTC

Agree 100%

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22 October, 2016, 2:56 PM UTC
well said K4ane. 
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22 October, 2016, 11:31 PM UTC

Alyona explained to us all (again)

K4ne said:

1) The gap between big supporters of game and small ones has become too big for the smaller ones leaving them without a reasnoble chance to compete in any aspect of the game.

2) My question to Leonidas (Administrator) is will You really do this to people that have been playing Sparta for years, promoting this game to their friends, family, on various forums and chats, will You stay blind on it and enforce terms of service on them or will You understand that something has just went wrong and fix it so we can enjoy ourselfs playing Sparta for many years to come?

3) We are here all friends or all enemies in game but in end we are all people and we are all players and supporters of Sparta, dont let us down, please.

Hi, K4ne!

1) In Sparta you can reach success even without spending money on the game. We give a lot of opportunities to receive Units, Items or Drachmas. Of course, it will take more time and more efforts.

Some players prefer spending money to get things faster. And it's normal. However, it doesn't mean that others can't play comfortably. In any game there are foes that are hard to deal with. That's why we gave you an opportunity to join Coalitions, find Allies and friends, and fight together against the stronger enemy.

This is an important part of gameplay.

2) I would appreciate it if you could tell me more about the things that you think went wrong. I will pass your feedback to our game developers.

3) We are always ready to support our players. Our developers gather player feedback after each update to analyse the new features and probably find some ways to improve them. If you have some feedback to share, or some improvements to request, you can always share your thoughts on this forum. All feedback is passed and everyone's voice is heard.

However, let's not forget that game development can't rely only on player feedback. There are also analytics data, marketing research, etc. Player feedback is a good addition to all the information we get though our internal channels.

Alyona,if Tonaya may ask you few things: you play this game at all? you know that you are talking with 2+ years sparta players here,a lot hegemons and experienced players

3.why you trying to explain to us all that we are all wrong and that all is fine and ok? you think that we all are brain damaged people with low IQ?

5.why you "moderators" threat to players that you gonna boot them from this forum,if they tell something you dont like?

you are only players who receive 2-3 k drachmas per week to help and explain new players how to play game and stuff

6.did i brake some plarium rule if i tell something i dont like about the game? you think that i'm gonna read some plarium "rules"  how to behave? we just want to play this game and have fun,like it was before you changed it from fun to "give us more money"

8.what ever i ask from Alyona,mister Basilius....on this forum,by private msgs,by didnt accept anything

9.mayby i was wrong when i ask to cut down troops building time for 50%,....when Alyona explained to me...about "balance" in game,i thought maybe i ask silly questions ,and then i realized that this is SUPER FAST game,maybe you should change troops building time from 1 hour 30 min to 1 month for single troop,maybe then we gonna have more FUN and you will have better BALANCE?


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23 October, 2016, 6:17 PM UTC

to answer number 1.... she already said in another forum that she only plays little in a beta one private.

then is when i suggested to listen to us but it is just not working  (the new agreements levels that has been open since them appeard)

I just seen the most insane inform.... that proves that this game is doomed unless something is done. those fighiting this days i am sure they ahve seen what dooped troops are doing now...

Good evening infidels
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25 October, 2016, 8:37 PM UTC

Icy said:

Greed oft o'er reaches itself said:

Most mod posts are either fawning to plarium, or the standard "clear cache archon" or "contact our support archon". Hope the drac is worth all the plarium grovelling, don't bite the hand that feeds you!

As a mod from Pirates, I can give you an explanation of the response players get on all the forums. We're given a knowledge base of the information we need to handle your concerns. When we have something we don't know we confer with other mods, that have been here longer and can help. Certain issues on these forums - alts, bots, mail/report notifications that don't go away,  purchasing problems, awol units. Essentially all technical problems that requires some sort of programming cannot be handled by us. Our job is to monitor and handle what we can on the forums. If its out of our jurisdiction our response is, yes put a ticket in with support. If we could do more most likely every mod would.

 Here's something you guys don't know, when the game crashed for a day a few months back. A mod called Plarium on the phone to let them know. We're the ones who made sure they knew right away.

And no we don't "fawn to plarium" when we have the same complaints as other players we do band together to give the voice of the players to plarium. We may have a more direct line to plarium than the average player. 

We may receive a token of "thank you" from plarium but it isn't much for what we need to do. Mods put in at least 10 hours a week of our time to cover these forums. Not including those that cover 2 or more forums. Before you guys tear into the mods and Alyona look at what we're doing on ALL  the forums. Every moderator VOLUNTEERED for this job. 

here is something Icy"moderator" dont know,in last 2 years i'v mailed plarium on [email protected] around 100 times,every time when server crush,when players cant login,etc,etc....and at least they answer on mail,if i have phone number of plarium or ADDRESS (evan better) so i can call them or knock on plariums door(my biggest wish,to tell and explain all face to face to game dev's)and not to complain here and there and after i dont know where to look for my posts,or they are already deleted idk,but i dont need any THANK YOU from plarium.Players complain on forum how they lost all troops on PP,and "moderators" dont help them at all,they give NO HELP for angry players who lost all army,when "moderator" Nikita posted that all who play 1 bar system are cheaters,and because of cheaters they changed PP system,and that it is better to play PP from 1 hit,as soon as i saw Nikita's post for 1 hit strategy i'v send msg to all members from my coalition:DONT PLAY PP ANYMORE AND DONT LISTEN TO "MODERATORS" TO PLAY PP FROM 1 HIT!!!!who did listen to me and didnt play from 1 hit,they stil have army.many players,not from my coalition,and few from my coalition DID listen to Nikita"moderator"and they lost all troops on if PP system is plarium's top secret,and "moderator's"dont know that secret dont tell to other players how to play PP,because you dont know either,you are only regular players who answer on players post's on this forum and recieve2-3k drachmas per week.SO ALYONA WE ARE NOT ALL EQUAL,AS YOU SAID.

few days ago 1 player posted that he is angry because he lost all troops on PP,and "moderators"didnt halp him at all,so i said to find me on map and gived him my mail address,after few days of mails,msgs,he listen to me and did PP as i told him,and he got 6k agema payout+some mpelts,his coalition is not ally or at peace with us,we are neutral,and he was not on my friend list,but i found some time and i am happy because he got his troops back.i dont need any thank you,Tonaya from any one,but "moderator" if you dont know PP system dont tell to players to play from 1 hit,because when they lost all troops you wont help them to get their troops back!!!

sorry for my bad english,english is not my first language and i dont use google translator,so if anyone read my posts,i hope he understood me


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