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Improving Emporium Interactions

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17 September, 2016, 7:02 AM UTC

Hello everyone.

I would like to offer the following suggestions to improve the quality of player interactions at the Emporiums. Feel free to comment. The more we can refine any possible solutions, the better the game will be. (*I posted a reply in the tutorial section but felt this was the best spot to actually get a discussion going).

First, just as there are different types of 'coffers and keys', we could have different types of Emporium to satisfy diverse player needs. Specifically, 'class I' and 'class II' Emporiums (on-going), with special event 'class III' Emporiums (periodic).

*Class I Emporiums would be for farming resources only (timber, bronze, gold, Denari). No attacks allowed. Each player would be granted a certain number of farming missions per day, just as there are a limited number of 'daily missions' given. For example, (1) one hour mission, (2) 30 minute missions, (4) 15 min missions (just to illustrate). Players can occupy an Emporium only when it is free. This would allow players to farm in peace if they wish, earn rewards, and obtain some resources while sharing the Emporiums with their fellow Spartans.

*Class II Emporiums would be for farming, doing missions, and interacting for PVP tournaments. Attacks and captures allowed. No limits on how long a player may farm. This would be what currently exists. However, in fairness to those who farm resources here given the risk of being attacked, a greater amount of resources would be given if the farming succeeds.

*Class III Emporiums would be for PVP gladiator events. Captures allowed. In this case, 'class III' Emporiums would only appear during special PVP tournaments. Players may be divided according to their level (*current Emporium system) or by their total offense/defense points. Players would send troops to 'hold' a position. For every minute they succeed, they receive a reward that increases the longer they stay. If the position is lost, the player receives the reward earned up to that moment (*as opposed to the existing Emporium system where players generally lose the resources they farmed when troops are lost). Players could be given a choice of reward on screen (e.g.,gold or Denari). Players must send both offensive and defensive units at a certain ratio (*developers' discretion) and remain at the position for a minimum amount of time (e.g. 3 minutes). To create some measure of fairness and greater competition between more players, a limited number of 'holds' would be given to each player. For example, a player would be allowed to hold a position 4 times per day, up to 1 hour maximum per instance (just to illustrate)

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17 September, 2016, 1:43 PM UTC

hello for your suggestion to place it in the appropriate topic thanksĀ

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17 September, 2016, 11:42 PM UTC
Thank you. Will do. (Gracias por ayudarme). 
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