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Champion discounts - Scouts

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Rob May
17 July, 2016, 1:52 AM UTC

hey, I'm not alone who like to save up drachmas for champs, but since about month or longer ago u get jack.

I had 3 champion discounts, low %, around 40% for 2 and 3rd one is 70%...problem is they are no longer any champions, but scouts.....

and I'm not alone, I asked around.... friends had also only scouts discounts last few weeks

So.... plarium realized people like to save up drachmas for champions, so their patience sometimes for few months(for good discount) rewards them in the end with 15-30 discounted champs

so why not stab players in backs and stealth nerf this, so people get not sure in 75-90% case only scout discounts... and if they finally have other champs they might not be lucky on % roll

good thinking plarium.....

btw I have fully developed city, and only buy drachmas from time to time for this purpose, if I won't get discounted champs no reason to buy drachmas for me :)

so plarium try to outsmart us, but in the end value players with patience might actually spend less, I'm sure I will :)

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17 July, 2016, 3:02 AM UTC

Haha yes, i took advantage of the anniversary offer to stock some drachma, thinking i was gonna buy me some scythian maurauders for my raids.

But ever since i never seen any good discounts yet, before that every few weeks. Only seem to get crap on the wheel also.

Not sure why, but im not spending my drachma till a good discount happens. I would presume plarium makes most money during these discounts. Units are overpriced even when discounted, so totally no reason to buy anything unless its discounted. O well i got time, who will break first, plarium or me, gonna need to be plarium if they gonna want people to spend their coin hehe Guess im not the only one who found it strange, there hasnt been a champ discount yet, thought it was me... hehe Plarium if your wheel turns to crap when u buy drachma, that also doesnt make me wanne buy more drachma,i'll say the wheel is totally not random. Didnt spent coin for two months and the wheel was wonderfull and then i spent small bit of money for anniversery and the wheel is total crap hehe. Also what i notice is that before u would get 70-80% discount on the wheel and now always at 60 or below. Either way, i got patience,...

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17 July, 2016, 3:07 AM UTC

but yes, seems they switched champ discount with scout discount, because i dont think the scout only discount happened much before or didnt pay attention to it, but seems like its a new addition.

Also champ units die so easy, big army vs small army and they still manage to kill some. Makes little sense to buy em, they seem to weak

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17 July, 2016, 3:19 AM UTC
I do not get any "good" discounts on champ units anymore either.  I tend to buy only items that cannot be lost in the game and only when on discount.  My city is completely made of discounted walls and decorations.  I have 24 more decorations to buy and I will be 100% done with my city...but guess what?  I have not seen a discount for decorations in months, instead, I keep getting the "perishable" items such as troops, resources, travel boosts and the such.  I will not buy those as they are pixels and disappear.  At least city items are always with you :)  The only time I may buy perishables is when I finish my city.
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17 July, 2016, 9:02 AM UTC
Well I'm always waiting 70% to buy Spartan Sminian's and Amazonian Warriors 'cause I'm building hops and swords always + building scouts all the time..I don't like other champs, cause I always can get them as reward on tournament.
I'm just Time Lord....
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Rob May
18 July, 2016, 9:40 PM UTC
I like also defensive champs they do good work in pantheons and almost never die
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