How is the dinamic to battles?

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1 July, 2016, 5:08 PM UTC

Dear Support:

I want to undernstand how is the mathematic dinamic to battles.

How it´s possible that my units are bigger than the attacked position.. by example...

when i was attacking one grain´s village, another player "send an spy" and left me...

So., I attacked him... I send some units aside with two champions units (scorpios) and he defend himself with one just "fire catapult" and others units...

¡Alguien me puede explicar????..

Asi mismo, cuando he atacado posiciones persas, algunas veces siento que las cuentas no están claras...

Parece que esto está en un resultado aleatorio.... No entiendo... me pueden explicar....===


Please send me your answer preferrable in spanish... or english I ´ll try... 

Por favor envíenme sus respuestas en español... O trataré en Inglés ... Gracias

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1 July, 2016, 5:28 PM UTC

Greetings Archon,

When you attack a city also the city def bonus plays a huge role into the defenders side.

Now about the grain colony that you attacked, one reason was that If the off-def difference was not that big, then he had better items on his general, better elixirs and maybe he used +def bonus. Automatically his def was superior than your off and you needed to use more off power. Lastly, he might have reinforced the colony with more units after you spied and also boosted the time to get there very fast in under 1minute.

A screenshot would have been ideal to understand the exact force you sent and the defenders army since you knew what he had in there. (please hide cords and names)
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1 July, 2016, 6:10 PM UTC

also if you do not know there is a Spanish theme, where you can explain your situation better 

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