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PVP harder and harder to earn reward

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23 June, 2016, 10:48 AM UTC
I have been playing for a year now.  When I first started there were great rewards for PVP points. Now they have diminished to almost nothing.  I lost 500k worth of offense units and are offered only a few units in return, what is happening? This game has become a rip off.
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23 June, 2016, 2:56 PM UTC
I agree. I earned almost 30,000 in PVP points and will get rewarded with everything but units. Crazy.
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23 June, 2016, 3:14 PM UTC

Drusilla said:

I agree. I earned almost 30,000 in PVP points and will get rewarded with everything but units. Crazy.

Archon, You knew that only the top on 250 would get some rewards on the grand pvp. You could have skipped it.

I did skip the grand pvp because I knew that I could not get anywhere close to even 1k rank! So the units I got I invested them on the recently 2.2 pvp and hit 20k+pvp and I got rewarded with amazing rewards.

The game is all about to know when to do what:) Patience is virtue and knowledge is power !

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23 June, 2016, 6:29 PM UTC
Well almost every event know I have quite the few points and all I'm getting are some stupid keys for chests I don't have. No units.
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23 June, 2016, 7:42 PM UTC

Drusilla said:

Well almost every event know I have quite the few points and all I'm getting are some stupid keys for chests I don't have. No units.

Archon good news!

If you move your cursor over to the 'events' and check on the tournaments you will see what you earn!For example , the active ones that are still going on :

If by every events you means only the Anniversary ones, It is on the description that you do not get any troops just drachmas and maybe some Keys which are useful. I do believe that the last 2.2x pvp was amazing with amazing troop rewards and the current Position one also offers amazing troop rewards. You are not obliged to take part to any tour that is available if you are not ready or it is not the best for you at that point. Look at my screenshot, I got only 21k on exp tour because It doesn't interest me and I got 0 points on Persian tour because I do not have available units to waste at the moment. So I will just be building units for the next few weeks to score high and get the best out of the tour in the nearby future :)

Be patient and play the game smart. I do not coin and still got the army of a coiner.
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24 June, 2016, 2:34 PM UTC

Think what people are talking about, if the reward for playing the game is so low then lack of interest happens fast.

If 100 units die and u only receive 30 units as a reward then u are not really rewarded. U should be getting 110 units back so each time u can do more epic battles and slowly increase in power.

People who dont play the tournament are stronger because they now have 100 units alive while u lost 70. So playing a tournament makes u weaker instead of stronger, u dont gain at all. Which is kinda crazy since most tournaments u win something and not loose something.

And due to the low reward, people who take a bad fight and loose their army, get nothing back in return and rebuilding your small army for weeks tends to be boring fast.

While plarium banks on the fact that some people might rebuy their army, this is true. But for most of the playerbase this is not,people play less, delete their account.

At full production i think u can only achieve like 300-400k force per week, which is a pathetic army. Not sure how many points u can get with that army but it wont be very high up the ladder.

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Rob May
25 June, 2016, 5:05 AM UTC

pvp is never worth more than 500 points, yes u heard me right 500.

there was only one good tourney where u got like 200 phalanx for like 2k points, once.

if u no longer need GPS, simply skip pvp even 2x pvp, most players go for just 500 points for scroll reward and they get back what they put in.

you can be profitable on 2x pvp under certain condition, like city with high city def bonus and possible boost 20% or more, but only up to 10k points, whatever points u get after have fast diminishing returns

plarium would tell you that these tourneys only compliment your everyday playing so its like free bonus.

me personally don't kill my weekly build for fun on average day to day play.

so I personally go for either nothing or 500 points, yes rarely 5-10k or bit more if something happens, it is war game after all.

choice is yours:

1.ether play to max efficiency and calculate rewards before even starting pvp(my advices above)

2. have fun lose units get some of them back as reward

3. combine points 1 and 2 to have some fun, but restrain yourself.

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2 August, 2016, 10:41 AM UTC

after i discovered all agreements i quited pvp tourneys. Now after last persians positions change i quited persians tourneys too.

the question is now: what should i do?  - play game just for raiding resourses from bots and building slow and panfully army or just leave the game and forget the time and money spent on it?

So is the game becomming really boring ? -  My answer is YES. 
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2 August, 2016, 2:02 PM UTC
The game is very biased against those who choose to play the game without spending any real money to get into the top rankings. They only want your money. The game gets harder and slower for those of us who refuse to pay as can be seen in the length of time needed to upgrade buildings for example. The rewards also favour those who pay to play that's why so many people have quit. Just look at all the dead cities around you.
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