bonuses from elixirs not are non egsistant for certain units

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21 June, 2016, 12:34 PM UTC

some units don't recieve bonus from elixirs from sanctum of asc.. Thueropotos and Troyan T. here don't have any bonus at all

other units have only ONE elixir calculated and that number is wrong Heave infantry have 5.3% bonus from endurance at level 7 ( but endurance bonus is 5.6 % at level 7

for example , click on barracks at light infantry tab hover your mouse over green icon whenre javeriner and psilos stats are shown they both have bonus from agreemets +40% bonus from eguiped items on your general bonus from only ONE elixir (my case the first slot at sanctum) and bonus from your coalition capital

at other hand click on cavlary tab at your production building hover your mouse over Mounted peltast greeny shield like icon and read the bonuses

in my case i only have bonus from ONE elixir that is on the second slot at my sanctum + bonus from agreements + coalition capital bonus +(in my case i dont have items on my general that boost my cavlary

here are my elixirs and why some are not shown 
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21 June, 2016, 1:10 PM UTC

Yeah the same is happening to me. In my defensive heavy infantry I have no added bonus from the sanctum whatsoever. I triplechecked and believe me I have the correct elixirs on. On the other categories of units (Light Inf, Phalanx and Cavalry) I only have some of my bonus from the sanctum. 

An explanation would be nice 
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21 June, 2016, 6:03 PM UTC

apparently, your elixir are activated, but the bonus is not visible, but if the bonificiacion the elixir in your units, but are not look, of course if you want to check or inform technical support so that they can look

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