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8 June, 2016, 9:29 PM UTC

I have been very active raiding BOT-cities for several months now. 

I have noticed that the weekly limit occasionally fails to reset - or something like that - I see a city on my enemies report with quantity < 50K (usually 0K or at least < 10K)

It shows resources much greater than can be protected by Acropolis so it can be raided with good potential.  I send a raid and 10 sec before it lands I send 35K resources via galleys to increase raid potential.  Raid result comes out to exactly 35K raided.  This would reflect a city that has already reached 50K weekly limit and should not show up on the list of "available to raid" cities and should definitely issue warning that the weekly limit has been reached before letting me launch the raid.  This bug is occasional but I have seen it enough that it cannot be misinterpretation on my part  Could the report reset before the actual game limit resets?
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9 June, 2016, 9:58 AM UTC
Please be aware that the in-game limit refreshes before you actually can raid that City again. We are aware of this bug already, and we recommend you to track your Raids to make sure you can get some Resources from the City.
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