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Persion Positions Methods

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7 June, 2016, 10:02 AM UTC

Some advice needed, at the moment im grinding up positions getting the payout on quest. My questions:

1 Is it viable to just level up and do the quest and not go for a big payout. Not going for a big payout gives more smaller ones and u keep advancing faster. So u have steady income of units. Or is the big payout so beneficial that its smarter to stop and go for big payout.

2 How do u set up your payout, do u 1 bar the 5-6 highest levels or is it beneficial to attack like 30 lower level ones maybe getting more units. Not sure what the best way is. Not sure if alot of lower levels add up to be maybe more then a few higher ones.

3 After a big payout what do u do, do u keep advancing or do u try to kill off as many lower levels ones to also get some units there. And then move forward. thank you

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