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31 May, 2016, 7:35 AM UTC
I am stuck on the 36th spartan traning quest because it asks me to collect offerings of bronze, lumber and grain. I am able to get both bronze and lumber but grain isn't appearing help?
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31 May, 2016, 8:27 AM UTC

Hello Archon.

The quest is about collecting OFFERINGS.

I.e. the chariots appearing in front of your city gates and boats appearing in your harbor everyday with the new game turn, at 0:30 UTC.

You an also collect them in front your friends' cities gates and harbors when you visit them to click on their halls of heroes to give them a hero.

It's not about collecting resources you're producing yourself.

Farms don't have a local storage circle because your troops are usually eating so much grain you would miss them if they weren't transferred directly into your granaries.

The reason why they're stored locally into lumbermills and forges is timber and bronze aren't consumed by troops, so your warehouses can overflow much more easily if you don't attend the game regularly. So these local stocks can be transferred manually once you've used the surplus in your warehouses to build or train troops and made some room first.

In addition, what's there can't be plundered by ennemy raids, and since they're strategic resources, it's also a way to keep them safe.

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