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Game equalizer monthly minimal and maximal subscription

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15 May, 2016, 12:56 PM UTC
There should be a monthly Subscription for reasonable price, to equalize the game. So all player receive same drachmas. I think more people would pay and it would largley equalize the game. making it more worthwhile to play, what do you guys think?
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Community Manager
16 May, 2016, 10:16 AM UTC
Greetings. It's not a p2p game, so it's unlikely to be done.
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16 May, 2016, 10:08 PM UTC

Callumous has a very good point and your answer is a bit off-topic.

His/her concern is balancing the game so that the amount you spend beyond a certain point has a diminishing return on results.  If the link between how much you spend and how well you do in the game is too strong most players who spend moderate to low amounts on the game will quit.  Plarium will be left with a handful of elite players who have no spending limits.

I witnessed this first hand recently... an unnamed player was raiding and besieging a mid-level player in our coalition.  Several higher level players came to his rescue and soundly defeated the scoundrel with a defensive ambush and raids destroying over 300 champions and many thousands of Promachos and Agemas.  The villain immediately reappeared with a larger army which we again defeated with clever tactics but to no avail as he immediately revived it again and returned... this pattern repeated itself a few more times until our forces were depleted and since we are moderate spenders we could not just buy ourselves out of this. We defeated him soundly on the field but he just purchased a win from Plarium.

Clearly a situation where the pay-to-win aspect of the game shows its ugly head.  Fortunately there are relatively few of these mega-coiners around but I still think that Plarium needs to limit the amount of unit revival and speed rebuilding that can be purchased.  Let the coiners spend their money on customized decorations, fancy city icons, upgrade sketches but don't let them buy easy victories, all the Pantheons and all the top spots in the challenges and weekly ratings. By giving an excessive weight to how much you spend you rob both the average players of their hope to compete and the coiners of any actual challenge and sense of achievement.
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17 May, 2016, 11:20 PM UTC

yes, the game would be better off if combat stayed fair and give coiners option to be stronger without too large advantage.

Overall i don't see this game lasting longterm, we want to have fun playing a game, not spend coin.

The most succesfull games try to be fair, as without a playerbase your kinda screwed. Without people to play with, cities to raid, people to fight.

Once people start using their brain and realise its not worth spending money on a game. Its way overpriced, for a simple browsergame.

No suprise that im raiding coiner cities all day since all things come to an end.

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20 May, 2016, 3:52 AM UTC
I totally agree with you, but you cannot change a game when it still on it's best. Besides, do not forget, Plarium has started as an app company and then moved into pc games. Give them time and they will do what's best for us. If Plarium is Greedy, you haven't seen other companies (e.g Riot).
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