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improwed in oracle??? very funny

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11 May, 2016, 11:14 AM UTC


how i remember, u say ...we make improvement lose to be smaller, and to take more troops. is poor , u are all politicians, one say other work.

today u raise for 50% step in position , or oracle,

before was 100 points 5 promo, for who u must lose between 47 and 50 k, and take 30 drahma. now u must take 150 points for poor 5 promo and 350 points for 40 drahma, 

do im fool or blain, or u try to fuck us , ok have a couple fool , he will buy toys to play , and be first , wowwww and in caffwe he will say im spartan, i take 200 drahma, give us drink.

very poor, and your reward???worst and worsti told u u start losing a lot players, u think this game will live with few buyers motivated from your sponsored marionet to who u give a lot toys to make points, and opther to watch and buy,

sorry that dont work more, u see on last pvp, only your player other from pos 15 was under 100 k, neveer make other fool, im not interested to play this from first time 4 k, for full reward, u raise to abnormal points, and in that time was same xp and pvp points, now u will earn 3000 xp, and only 1600-1700 pvp.

gredy, is not strange why plarium fall with rating like snow in winter
Aleksandar III Makedonski
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11 May, 2016, 11:58 AM UTC
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11 May, 2016, 3:02 PM UTC



Aleksandar III Makedonski
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11 May, 2016, 10:00 PM UTC

yes, persians positions tournament minimum reward was 100 points. Now its 150 points, for starting players as me it was already hard to achieve the 100 points since u need to waste alot of your army and positions dont give that much points that its so easy to get.

So he's right that a 50% increase, which will make me not even try to achieve that with my curent troops.

Not sure what the idea behind this is? Does plarium really think i gonna spend money on a unfair game. This only turns players away.

Either way the harder u make it for real players to compete and eventually also the coiners will leave since there always a bigger coiner and we like to play a game , not waste money.

If u need to make money do it in ways that keep combat fair. Nobody wants a fight with a knife vs a gun.

At the moment i like it, more people leave, more big cities for me to raid their resources.

Yes alexandeiiimkd he always notices the changes hhehee. So why is it now 150 points instead of 100. For the average player 100 points is alot.
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11 May, 2016, 10:37 PM UTC


before 1 yr, persian was 100 points 400 drahma. and only in friday to monday but only 2 time per month.

now every weekend 2 time he give us,  that is waist money. all changes is waisting money.

before we build all week army and in friday pvp, and limit was 4 k points then raise to 10 k, but nobody take more than 7 k, now he see couple buyers,a nd he stimulate a lot coiner with free toys, only other to see a lot points and for revenge to buy, 

 for that he fall a lot i see now 10 time fall for 2 month, that is buig fall. a lot big lvl is aut, in a lot coa polemarch is lvl 65-73 lvl, only in few coiner still have big lvl but no more than 100-200.

for 100 points 45-50, and poor 5 promo, now 150, u  must lose 60-70 k, and take poor 5 promo and 40 and 15 drahma, u cant buy and 1 tree like decor

Aleksandar III Makedonski
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