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Persian Position payout

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7 May, 2016, 3:00 PM UTC

Ok, this was one of my last payouts. To collect my next reward, if I abide by one bar method with a 5-10% interest, I should pay roughly 5mill in resources(units-wise) to claim the new invite. Got a few questions in regards of this.

1) Is there a way to reset the bank so to say? If so, how does it work? Because I can recall having lower payments and not getting what I spent. Sometimes I even get lower payments twice in a row, after collecting positions twice. This happened in the above mentioned payout(pic).

2) Is there a way to minimize the chance of getting cav? Since off pos tends to be cavalry heavy, those are the weakest link as far as units go. I could of course just feed them to the pos since they're the most valuable(resource wise), but I really don't know what the next payout will consist of.

3) As I understand it, there's a bank connected to all accounts. For instance, if my last payment was 2mill, my bank is 2mill+5-10% interest to receive the next payout. If I've spent let's say 2,5mill, and my next payout is 31 Sariss and 7 Thuroes, that's only a partial payout right?

Another scenario: Let's assume the picture above shows my last payout. If I spent 2mill worth of units in resources, and received payouts from 5 positions, were the highest one was 31Prom and a few Thureos, is my payment lost? This is the question that needs answering for sure, to enlighten me and perhaps others having a look.

In the past I've gotten like 200 Sariss and 40 Thureos from 1 pos, which is worth about 2mill in resources. I've gotten The same amount in Prom and Thureos.

If you have any tips, I'll gladly take them. Just trying to figure out a better way to do this. I'm not really packed on light, heavy and phalanx, and the cav I got surpasses all my other units by alot.

If you have any better suggestions than to 1-bar, I'll hear you out. I just want to know if I'm totally lost or not; because it makes no sense to me to get paid in Cav, as long as 80% of all positions are cav heavy. I could just keep on feeding my cavs to the positions, but it wouldn't be cost-efficient.

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10 May, 2016, 10:19 AM UTC

1) No.

2) No, it's random.

3) I cannot disclose the information about the Positions mechanics.

I'm sure that there are many experienced players who will gladly help you with your issues. From my side I can ensure you that the positions work as they should, and nothing resets :)
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10 May, 2016, 5:46 PM UTC
champions and marauders in positions, you sure you know what you doing? :)
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