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Offer offensive and defensive development paths for military buildings.

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24 May, 2016, 6:27 AM UTC


Showing anything about a player's specialization would be giving out confidential information and would help his ennemies. I'm totally against the idea.

Besides, I'm also totally against specialisation. I'm for freedom. And multi-purpose gaming. And possibility to alternate (as most people do when growing their armies, changing prioriies depending on events about other coalitions, pantheons sprouting, and so on).

Currently, nobody prevents you from specializing in offense or defense, if it floats your boat. Your problem, your choice. You can get troops from persians in both cases anyway, so the game won't prevent you at all from going this way.

Then you can freely organize your coalition between attackers and defenders if you like. By the way, hegemons and polemarches can see every players statistics and know who's an attacker and a defender at a glance, and even sort their men by offense or defense values, so, coalition wise, all the necessary tools are there already.

It's just it works at players', organisation and dialogue levels, and is not technically imposed by the game, which is perfectly fine, and exactly what everybody wants.

In other words, you're perfectly free to impose limitating rules to yourself if you want. Nobody will blame you.

But we'll all blame you if you want to impose your limitating ideas to the rest of the community.

Of course, I understand it's about adding new enhancements, but once again, most of the needed tools are there already, especially about coalition organisation and tasks sharing.

For now, agreements, elixirs and orichalcum allow to upgrade troops, which makes quite some opportunities already.

I may have to remind everybody that you still have the choice to upgrade preferably your offense or defense units first, for up to 40% additional power to each of their charactéristics, plus you have 3 divine goblets where to put elixirs to additionally boost selected units : here you can truly specialize in offense or defense (or chose a mix, which is even better).

Maybe a possible upgrade would be to add a 4th divine goblet ?
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